Networking Popular Democracy

It’s an opinion rather than a scientific poll but I believe most support for Independence comes from the heart whereas the Unionist opposition comes from the head. This is largely down to how few useful facts are available upon which to base sound judgements.  Discounting the zealots on both sides, most ‘head’ voters will opt […] Source

This week’s episode of There’s Been a Murdo

Murdo Fraser is a national treasure, by which I mean that he gives every appearance that some geeky person with a metal detector dug him up from under a rock. In his head Murdo is an incisive and cutting politician, giving us sharp insights into the politics of the day. Outside…

Five big mistakes (at least) in Gordon Brown’s latest anti-indy rant

Gordon Brown is never left without a media platform to put forward his increasingly odd views on Scotland’s future. He’s been banging on about what he describes as ‘’federalism’’ since before the first independence  referendum without ever seeming to realise that such a system has never been put on the table by a Westminster government. […] Source

Sacrificing Scotland’s Farmers on The Altar of Free Trade

Staff vacancies among HGV drivers – caused by a combination of disasterous changes to off-payroll working rules and an exodus of European labour following Brexit – have left many British supermarket shelves empty in recent weeks, with shoppers left to contend with crippling shortages of supplies. This situation has exposed the fragility of the UK’s supply […] Source

The Hypocrisy of the West’s Solidarity for Afghan Women

Over the last week I have spoken to committed campaigners with ties to Afghanistan, desperately pleading for their colleagues and friends’ lives; asking me for any contacts I have that can help them reach someone with power to give them safe passage out. I did what I could, I connected who I could, and I […] Source