Fun-Washing Fascism

The standout neologism* from this year is Fun-Washing (after Nigel Farage joined I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here). But ‘Fun-Washing’ – the idea of cleansing toxic or repellent individuals or ideas by re-locating them into the heart of light entertainment – is not as recent as we might think. Cultural historians will debate […] Source

Three reasons the new UK immigration package is bad news for Scotland

The two main UK parties are both committed to slashing immigration numbers. They don’t care if that means bad news for Scottish public services, Scottish universities, the Scottish economy – and the comfort and security of many New Scots. Both Labour and the Conservatives are tailoring their message to what will bring them votes down […] Source

The Banality of Scottish Politics

Much of the political debate and coverage of Scottish politics remains utterly banal. We are caught in the stagnant pond of constitutional impasse. The reasons for this are clear. Around 50% of people don’t want to be part of the British state yet there seems no way to alter this reality. Those that champion our […] Source

Family matters

I’m afraid I’m currently dealing with some family issues so won’t be blogging for a little while. My mother’s health has taken a turn for the worse and she is currently in hospital. I will be back when things settle down a bit.   _______________________________________________ My Gaelic maps of Scotland are…

Shut It Down for Palestine

Three weeks is a long time in politics – or certainly it is for Glasgow City Council. * As part of an international call out to ‘Shut it down for Palestine’, five Glasgow residents disrupted a Glasgow City Council ‘State of the City Economy’ conference. The event featured a panel with two weapons companies based […] Source

Best Scot at Westminster

After the Herald’s Scottish Politician of the Year Awards we held a Friday night competition on Twitter asking ‘Can anyone name a single thing he’s done for Scotland?’ There were 22k views of that tweet and the answers included: ‘500 brace of grouse and a couple of beaters’ @haikuthenoo ‘He sells Xmas trees in Dumfries […] Source

Asset-stripping can only be stopped with our independence

GRANGEMOUTH is closing, leaving oil-rich Scotland with no refinery and reliant on England. We’ll no longer be a manufacturer and exporter of petroleum products and become an importer, which is the point. England, always a huge net importer of manufactured goods, couldn’t bear that Scotland has always been a net exporter, so it has “blown another hole in our industrial base”. Source