An Act of Unity

The surround-sound of deference is becoming deafening. The tat, merch and souvenirs are becoming ubiquitous and the drum-roll of propaganda is getting louder. Just as the memory of the Queen’s endless funeral fades – the next Royal pantomime arrives. A week after the Bank of England’s chief economist, Huw Pill told a podcast that “Britons […] Source

What does Republicanism Mean?

Republicanism – anti-monarchism or the sovereignty of the people When it comes to the term ‘Crown’, most people understand this to be the same as the monarchy.  When asked why they oppose the British monarchy, its opponents usually concentrate their criticism on the antiquated class structure this upholds, and the high cost of maintaining such […] Source

Melting Frost

David ‘Lord’ Frost is at it again. A couple of days ago he appeared on GBeebies News for an interview with Dan Wootton, an economic migrant who’s an oozing toxic combination of nastiness and self-regard doing a poor impression of Tucker Carlson on the Price Drop Channel of right wing politics….