Delaying Brexit Import Controls “Total Madness” say Scots Food Producers

  Boris Johnson’s oven-ready Brexit deal is a dog’s dinner. In a sign of desperation, the UK Government has delayed import controls  for a fourth time. The President of Scotland’s farming union criticised the move yesterday as “total madness”.  Sometimes countries impose import controls to protect their own producers. There is probably no other country […] Source

Rory the Tory rides again

Rory the Tory has been at it again. Rory Stuart, another of those old Etonian posh boys who infest the Conservative party, is nevertheless terribly keen to tell us in his cut glass upper class English accent that he is Scottish. Rory appeared in, wrote, and presented, an infamous BBC British…

Labour Lords Plot to Make an Indyref2 Illegal – key questions answered

  The House of Lords contains more peers that are bankrolled by Russian oligarchs than it does peers who support Scottish independence. It is an out-dated antidemocratic institution packed with cronies of the UK’s ruling elite. Some peers – led by Scottish Labour’s Baron Foulkes – are now putting forward a…

Brexit Britain begging for a Free Trade deal with India

  Boris Johnson’s newest catchphrase is “a Deal by Diwali” referring to his search for a free trade agreement with India before Diwali the five-day festival in October celebrating the victory of light over darkness, which is celebrated by Hindus around the world. Let’s hope it leads to a more successful outcome to his last […] Source

Oil and gas firms should lead the just transition, not just pay lip service

NOT even the Greens are advocating that all of Scotland’s oil and gas wells be immediately plugged and abandoned, although some more devious politicians continue to misrepresent this situation. Where there is debate over the UK’s future energy policies around the development of oil and gas resources – policies currently dictated in Scotland by Westminster – this debate is characterised by questions such as “how much” and “for how long”? Source