Operation “Joint Warrior” – Bombing Cape Wrath

As you read this another NATO war fleet has assembled off the North West coast of Sutherland. George Gunn writes: “There are 19 vessels – warships and submarines – from 10 countries participating and firing live ordinance at the lonely sea stack known as An Garbh Eilean, just off Cape Wrath. In addition there are […] Source

The Separation Wall

The 1st of November is Samhain, the end of the harvest season and the first day of Winter in the old Celtic calendar. It is also the time when the dead rise out of the ground and walk among the living. It is a time when boundaries and dimensions dissolve and there is no separation […] Source

Shifting goalposts and the failure of the Scottish media

There’s something striking about the Scottish media’s treatment of the current constitutional impasse blocking the path to a second independence referendum. The Scottish media portrays this as exclusively a problem for the SNP, and no consideration is given to the anti-democratic stance of the British nationalist parties in both blocking any…

27 New Oil and Gas Licences in North Sea

On the day the UK govt give the disgraceful go-ahead for 27 new oil and gas licences in the North Sea it’s worth hearing this interview from Zack Polanski, Green Party Deputy Leader in England. Some highlights: “Rosebank has the carbon equivalent of 700 million people around the world – and Keir Starmer doesn’t think […] Source

The cowardice of Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer is a coward. During Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday Starmer had six questions for Rishi Sunak, not one of which related to the topic which dominates the news headlines and which it’s no exaggeration to say threatens the outbreak of actual world war three. But it still wasn’t important…