Political Amnesia as Trauma Response

I started the review of the year a few days ago, but I couldn’t remember anything that had happened. A friend told me this was a ‘trauma response’. It does seem that experiencing social reality seems like a blunt head trauma the best thing to do is to hide, forget, distract. Fragments of it are […] Source

Strategy and the Sociopaths

“Scottish independence is not a romantic notion. It is a necessary social, cultural, economic and political reality.” George Gunn on the State We’re In. The two significant events of late 2022 which defined Scotland’s on-going dilemma were the Supreme Court ruling of 23rd November and John Swinney’s Budget of 15th December. In the former Scotland was […] Source


As we wait to fully digest the mountain of fowl and chocolate products of Yule enough for our mind to begin to process the past years events and write ‘A Big Review’ – we are pointing outwards and sending you a buffet of non-Bella content. This is a new regular posting of random content called […] Source

Work as if you were in the Early Days of a Creative Republic

Over the coming weeks over the holiday period we’ve commissioned a series of writers and activists to reflect on where we are and review not just the year but the time we find ourselves in. This is the second of a series reflecting on the State We’re In.  In 2022 I spent a fair amount […] Source