Keir Starmer’s Labour party: Neither useful nor admirable

I’m not a huge fan of Keir Starmer’s Labour party, whose opposition to the Conservatives is fatally compromised by his pandering to Brexit voters and his anti-democratic refusal to accept that it’s for the people of Scotland, not him, to decide whether Scotland ought to have another independence referendum. The Scottish…

Idea that even lost court case could help Yes movement is invaluable

THE headline and article in The National explaining that even a lost court case on the right of Scotland to hold a second referendum on independence would be helpful to the self-determination movement is invaluable (‘How losing indyref2 court battle could help Scotland win independence’, September 23). The argument was that to win the case the UK would have to aver that Scotland was not a nation. Surely that part of this ancient country which accepts with equanimity the parasitism of Westminster would baulk at that. Even the latter part of the piece which discusses the malign effect on devolution in Scotland that the […]

The Constitutional Merry-Go-Round

The press reports with a sort of sweet innocence that is disgusting in the circumstances that Boris Johnson has defended the government’s plans to cut universal credit while refusing to say whether he could live on the basic payment it provides of £118 a week. Apparently he was questioned by reporters during his trip to […] Source

Living Proof, the Landscape of an Orphaned Nation

Building a new Scotland requires fresh perspectives writes Chris Silver at the end of the summer. When I began writing these columns in July, I started out with the idea that we are living out a kind of national orphanhood – defined by what our forefathers built, but also by their absence. In the intervening […] Source

How to Keep Going During the Next Energy Crisis

Much of what we are seeing – at a constitutional – economic and social level – is the long-tail of Thatcherism. Today – in the middle of the current crisis – the privatisation of energy and railways looks particularly unwise. The latter was specifically aimed at undermining the trade unions by shifting freight from rail […] Source

Freedom for Irving Larios, illegally detained in Nicaragua

Freedom for Irving Larios, illegally detained in Nicaragua on 20 September. On 20 September my friend and long-term collaborator, Irving Larios, became yet another political prisoner who has been illegally detained and incarcerated by the Nicaraguan dictatorship led by Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.  Irving has been to Scotland twice, in 2018 and 2019, hosted […] Source