Scottish Tourism Workers’ League: Organising Scotland’s Tourism Industry

Over the summer, Scotland saw the return of its tourism sector following pandemic closures. any decided to stay in the UK as a result of COVID restrictions, and tourists flocked to both rural spots as well as Scotland’s cities during festival season. With Tourism Minister Ivan McKee’s pledge to “lobby on behalf of the industry” […] Source

The Fuel Crisis and the Three-Day Week

The UK is in the midst of an energy crisis, with surging gas prices causing multiple suppliers to collapse and petrol forecourts running empty amid panic buying. It is a crisis that invites a comparison to an earlier shock. In October 1973, as war erupted between Egypt, Syria and Israel, Arab oil producers declared an […] Source

Oh What a Circus – UK Labour Conference 2021

One thing you can guarantee about a Labour conference is that there will be disagreements, fall-outs, battles and behind-the-scenes plotting to undermine others. This year was no different but Keir Starmer got his plotting and undermining in early. In the days running up to conference he announced that he would be asking the NEC to […] Source

Labour Go Nuclear

Commissions are coming thick and fast now. After it was announced by Keir Starmer that Gordon Brown would lead “a commission to settle the issue of the Union”, it’s now been announced that Brian Wilson would lead an energy commission. Anas Sarwar said: “I am delighted that Brian Wilson will be bringing his expertise to […] Source

Policing Language

The Times have a very different story about Gaelic today. On Tuesday they ran with a front page splash (at least in their Scottish edition) “Backlash over ‘politically driven’ broader police use of Gaelic” by Mark McLaughlin. The piece reported: “Thousands of people have objected to Police Scotland’s plan to expand its use of Gaelic […] Source

The day soaring energy prices caused by Westminster hit home

It’s a strange feeling. Something you simply take for granted suddenly disappears from your life, leaving you uncomfortable, somehow shifting from your bearings. I received my letter from my energy provider just moments after hearing it had ”ceased to trade”. It was just days after receiving details of how much I would have to pay […] Source

The Dead Guillemot Society

THE DEAD GUILLEMOT SOCIETY: From The Province Of The Cat by George Gunn. Dunnet Beach is the most northerly beach on the Scottish mainland. It stretches for roughly three miles in a North-North-Easterly direction from the village of Castletown at one end and across to my own native village of Dunnet at the other. It […] Source

How Scotcoin and The Scotcoin Project can be the fuel to underpin a vibrant and remodeled Scotland

Scotcoin. Sounds a little like Bitcoin, right? And it is. It is a digital currency. Most importantly, it is Scotland’s own digital currency. But – and here’s the giant caveat – Scotcoin is linked to The Scotcoin Project CIC. It is what’s known as a ‘community interest company.’ This means it occupies a space of charity. Its job, if you like, […] Source