International Students in a New Scotland

A new immigration law for international students became law on the 17th of July 2023. This new law prohibits international students from bringing in their dependents unless they study a Phd* post-graduate course. It further denies international students the opportunity to switch visas until they finish their programme.  First, on the issue of prohibiting students […] Source

The Big Six Data Review: Let’s Talk About The State of The Arts

The ‘big six’ producing theatres in Scotland came together to explore audiences and the challenges many theatres are currently facing. This is a great idea and working collaboratively to explore shared issues is a smart way of working, and one I personally believe the arts could do more of. The report “Disappearing Act? A data-led […] Source

Dog days

Our visitor is still here with his dog. It’s great to have a good friend to stay and the dog is lovely. She’s a wee Spanish rescue dog and is very affectionate, quiet, and well behaved. It’s really nice to have a dog in the house again, the first time we’ve…

20 minute neighbourhoods – a guide to local living

In April this year, the Scottish Government published a consultation paper titled ‘Local living and 20 minute neighbourhoods’. The paper lays out the Scottish Government’s plans to introduce ‘20 minute neighbourhoods’ in an effort to increase access to services, reduce carbon emissions, rejuvenate local economies and improve physical and mental wellbeing. ‘20 minute neighbourhoods’ extend […] Source

Better a diamond with a flaw than a stone without

In a sign that the by election defeats in England last Thursday have spooked the Conservatives, there are reports that senior figures in the party are calling on Rishi Sunak to consider holding the election in late spring next year, as they believe that this would be the best way to…

Bella Caledonia Anthology

There’s only a box of the second print run of our anthology of fourteen years of writing left. It takes the form of blogs, rants, poetry, reviews, and long-form essays – all a creative mess of expression and ideas from a wide range of some of our best writers and activists. You can watch the […] Source

Box Fresh Scottish Poetry

We haven’t had much poetry for a while so its great to share a new podcast by the Makar and Ally Heather. It’s called Lantern. As the blurb says: “Scottish Makar Kathleen Jamie and host Alistair Heather are joined in the Scottish Poetry Library by some of the most talented and vital voices in modern […] Source