Scots caught up in UK energy disaster look enviously at independent Nordic states

Anger is mounting in Scotland as energy prices soar for consumers while energy producers announce record profits. Many Scots look enviously at Nordic countries such as Finland where bills are much lower thanks to plentiful, cheap renewable energy.  Last week’s announcement that all households across the UK will get £400 help with bills over six […] Source

Holidays in the Sun

Bella is taking a short break. A digital detox, a vat of midge-repellent, an improving novel, that kind of thing. See you all soon.   Source

God Save the Regime

The British royal family are beyond the law. They operate in a secret world within a world and pay no heed to the societal obligations and responsibilities that regulate their subjects. In truth their exact wealth is unknown but, as the wheels come off the British state, also being revealed are the legal and financial […] Source

Was habe ich in meinen Sommerferien gemacht?

Here we are on day 41 of my Duolingo German streak and I’m still confused about the gender of a laptop and am embarrassed to say that it’s taken me 45 years to work out that George Lucas must have been studying German when he constructed Yoda’s back to front way of speaking: “The greatest […] Source

What Climate Emergency?

In the aftermath of the experience of last week’s ‘extreme weather’, something has ‘broken though’ in the parlance of media chatter. Several friends have asked “What should I do? “I want to do something”. “I want to join something.” Do nothing I tell them. Just stop it. Many of us have been saying this for […] Source