Brazilian Elections: The Fight has just started

During the military dictatorship in Brazil, songwriter Chico Buarque (you might have seen his face before on this meme), wrote an iconic samba anthem that to this day is known as a rallying cry against authoritarianism. It happily declares that ‘Amanhã vai ser outro dia / Tomorrow will be another day’ and: I’ll pay to […] Source

Consultation on a Scottish Languages Bill

The Scottish Government have announced ‘A consultation on our commitments to Gaelic, Scots and a Scottish Languages Bill.’ Read the full paper here: Ministerial Foreword – Scottish Government Commitments to Gaelic and Scots and a Scottish Languages Bill: consultation – ( They state: “The Scottish Government has made a number of commitments to the […] Source

The Long, the Short and the Appalling

On Ukania’s Zombie economics, Batman and Macdiarmid. THE LONG, THE SHORT AND THE APPALLING: From The Province of The Cat by George Gunn. A long lived monarch dies. A short lived Prime Minister quits. An appalling constitutional, political and economic mess continues with no way out in sight. Welcome to the play, film, novel no-one […] Source

Sunak’s political honeymoon is already over

The Conservatives continue to provide evidence of their unfitness for office despite the coronation of a new unelected Prime Minister who unlike the previous unelected Prime Minister looks as though he will enjoy a honeymoon period in office albeit one which is likely to be short lived and which will not…

The Liz Truss of political prose

It’s not a joke, well, it is a joke, but in a different way entirely. The right wing Spectator magazine must have had some sort of nervous breakdown because it has seen fit to publish the turgid musings of “I’m not a nationalist because I’m British” blogger Effie Deans, writing under…

FACT: When Scotland rejoins the EU we won’t have to use the Euro

Would an independent Scotland have to use the euro? The answer is “No”. Nicola Sturgeon was correct when she told Douglas Ross this today – but that doesn’t prevent Scotland’s Unionist politicians and media doing their best to spread confusion.  The Times headline today was “Join the euro or your…

Sunak : Zero to Nero in six hours

Well that didn’t take long, did it? It took a couple of weeks for the sheer useless awfulness of Liz Truss’s government to become apparent, although admittedly that was in large part because all of politics came to a halt due to the compulsory British nationalist commournathon. However Rish! Sunak’s exclamation…