The Abeona

The AbeonaPORT OF WANGANUI. ENTERED INWARDS. “* Nov 20. Tongariro, p s, 39 tons, Irvine, from Patea. Nov2l. Manawitu, ps, 103 tons, Harvey, from Wellington. Nov 21. Storm Bird, ss, 67 tons, Doile, from Wellington. PASSENGER LIST. Per Manawatu— inwards— Misses Paterson Blair, and MoNaraara (2), Mr and Mrs Provosli, Mr and .Mrs Faby, Mrs Hawkmson, Messrs Tait, Quiniu, Dever, and Muloihill. Per Storm Bird — inwards — Mr Leonards, Mete Kingi, and 2 iv steerage. EXPEOXEP ARRIVALS. St Kilda, s s from Onehunga, to-morrow. Clyde, s s, from Raugifcikei and Foxton, tomorrow. . Mosquito, Clyde-built iron brig, from Liverpool, left on September 18th. j Awaroa, scb, from Nelson, daily. PROJECTED PEPABTORES. Manawatu, p s, for Wellington, to-nigbt. Storm Bird, s s, for Wellington , to-night. Wallabi, s s, for West Coast, to-morrow. VESSELS IN POBT. Manawatu, p s., from Wellington. Storm Bird, s s, from Wellington. Tongariro, p s, from Patea. Wallabi, s s, from West Coast. Emerald, ketch, from Lyttelton. Unity, ketch, from Wellington. Reward, scb, from Wellington: Friendship, scb, from Pelorus Sound. « Tbes s Stormbird, Captain Doile, left Wellington at 7.30 p.m. on Monday. When off Terawiti eased engines, arriving off the bar at 7 o’clock tbis (Tuesday) morning. Crossed at 10.15, aud arrived at tbe wharf at 10.45. Experienced five weather throughout. Sight- i ed a brig and six schooners bound through tbe Straits. Tbep s Manawatu, Captain Harvey, sailed from Wellington yesterday at 6 p.m. After passing Cape Terawiticame down under easy steam, arriving off the bar at 9 o’clook thL« morning. Crossed at 10, and made fast to tbe wharf at 10.30. Experienced light variable breeze with fine weatber throughout tbe passage. Tbe Manawatu leaves for Wellington at 11 o’clock to-nigbt. On the passage of tbe ship Howrab across tbe Straits from Nelson to Wellington (say.* tbe. Post) one of tbe immigrants, a married woman, died from consumption, and was buried the next day, leaving two children and ber husband to mourn their loss. An apprentice, who has been in the Howrab for tbe last three years, also met witban accident by falling from a yard arm to tha deck, resulting in bis sustaining a compound fracture of the leg and other injuries. The barque Abeona left Allday Bay, New Zealand, for Adelaide, on the Utb ult., with h full cargo of oats, aud had got as far as within 100 miles of Kangaroo Island, when she was overtaken by disastrous weather, and had her bulwarks and deckhouses swept away. She was fore-reaching under tbe lower topsails, when a tossing sea, almost appalling in its height and volume,broke on board aud carried away bulwarks and. staucbions on both sides, from the forepart of the poop to the fore-rigging. The sea, by its resistless force, smashed in galley and deckhouse, carrying them clean way, and besides bursting in the main hatch, it also washed away one of the’ boats and stove in another. Several of the orew were in the deckhouse at the time the vessel was struck, and when the wall of water bad passed over,andshe had recoveredherself .those who were aloft fully expected to find their mates had been whirled away into the raging sea. Their escape from drowning was little less than miraculous. Considerable privation had to be endured by the loss of the galley, cooked provisions beine utterly unattainable, and in these straits Captain Mackie deemed it his most advisable course to make for Port Philip: The Abeoua is a clipper looking craft, Spey-built, and a staunch vessel in heavy weather, and but for this it is believed that she must have foundered.— Melbourne Telegraph.

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