Plague Positive

The inevitable has a habit of happening. Second week back at school after the winter break and it did, I tested positive for Covid for the first time. Amazing I’d avoided it for so long, spending my working day marinating in 20+ families, only adults and one pupil wearing a mask. I think I had […] Source

Johnson’s government of gangsters

A couple of weeks ago, as the allegations of numerous parties in Downing Street during lock down started to gain traction, I remarked that if Johnson survived this self-inflicted crisis it would be the final proof that the Westminster system is irredeemably broken and utterly incapable of holding the powerful to…

In Gray Time

The period between the revelations about Johnson’s parties at No 10 and the report by Sue Gray is extending into an extraordinary time of morbid revelations and breakdown of the existing order. Having listened to GMS this morning with a queue of Scottish Tories giving car-crash interviews about their relationship to our disastrous Prime Minister […] Source

Fuel Poverty vs Fuel Security: A story of two countries

  The headlines are dominated by the soaring price of energy that will impact all UK citizens, especially those who are already struggling to survive. Even before the current crisis, over 3 million households were having to choose between heating and eating. What they are not telling us is that across…