Jazz at The Third Eye 22-30 October

Jazz at the Third Eye is a multi-media project exploring Glasgow’s visionary arts centre, launching this weekend. As a young man working in Glasgow City Centre in the early 1980s, the Third Eye Centre was always a draw. I spent many of my lunchtimes there and often headed straight there after work to view the […] Source

1981: The year Scotland re-wove its campaign to secure a Parliament

Forty years on, Douglas Robertson and Graeme Purves reflect back on 1981 and the various political and cultural developments which wove together the campaign that delivered Scotland’s Parliament. The debating chamber of the Scottish Parliament Building © User:Colin / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0 The forces that had come together to campaign for a Yes vote in the 1979 […] Source

The Tories, the free market and the Union have all failed Scotland

IN 2014, just before the independence referendum, Nick Clegg, David Cameron and Ed Davey all came to Peterhead and announced £100 million for a carbon capture and storage facility to tackle climate change. This was sold as one of the “benefits” of the Union. £1 billion and a job bonanza were “promised”. Once Scotland voted to stay in the UK the Westminster government promptly cancelled the contract. Source

Scotland betrayed by Westminster’s broken carbon capture promises

Promises to make Scotland a world leader in carbon capture technology made by the UK government in its bid to woo voters in the 2014 independence referendum were yesterday revealed as a dirty trick. Westminster has now told Scotland that far from leading the world in this green initiative it will not now receive UK […] Source