Decimating Culture

The Scotsman reports: “The nation’s crisis-hit cultural sector is facing major upheaval after the Scottish Government declared that it wanted to roll out cost-cutting reforms across the country’s major arts organisations.” “Work is underway on a spending squeeze expected to affect Scotland’s national museums, galleries and performing arts companies, as well as the national agencies […] Source

The rise of Farage spells the fall of the Union

Yesterday an opinion poll gave a result that was previously unthinkable. The vanity party of Nigel Farage, the hard right racist bloviator who has been a plook on the face of British politics since the 1990s, overtook the Tories as the second most favoured party in the Westminster general election. According…

How Not to do Radicalism

How not to do radicalism: The hold of Capital-ism on Labour’s Left from Benn to Corbyn The Searchers: Five Rebels, Their Dream of a Different Britain, and Their Many Enemies, Andy Beckett, Allen Lane £30. Review by Gerry Hassan This book covers the rise and fall, and rise again and subsequent fall, of the Labour […] Source


Author Margaret Elphinstone offers an ecopoetic account of a species that dominates the Scottish landscape. Our memories of our native land lie deep within us: an expectation of winds in appointed seasons, the touch of the varying rains, snow weighting the still soil in which our roots were embedded. Deep inside ourselves we remember many […] Source

It’s all over for the Tories

It’s all over bar the weeping and wailing and gnashing of Tory teeth – Rishi Sunak can afford to go to a private dentist and has never needed to worry about the struggles involved in getting registered with an NHS dentist – so as he ruminates upon the magnitude of the…