Strikes, Protests, and Solidarity

Danny Pilkington, a tenants’ union activist and a freelance journalist, spent the day speaking with striking workers and protestors in Glasgow, at the CWU Post Office/ Royal Mail; GMB cleansing/waste; NUJ Reach Plc journalists disputes. He also spoke with people at the Glasgow Strike Rally on Buchannan Street, and the Power to the People Rally outside […] Source

We need to take back control of Scotland’s energy resources

WHEN discussing the huge UK energy price increases and all its consequences – including hyperinflation projected to be about 15% and strikes due to wage demands to meet these increased prices – what never seems to be mentioned is the real reason why the UK is in this situation. As Wee Ginger Dug mentions in his Saturday article, “the responsibility for this disaster lies squarely at Source

A Cult of Violence

Reporter, writer, and radio producer Jen Stout spent the early part of the summer in Ukraine. Here she reports on attitudes to the invasion and the terror being waged against civilians. The celebrations to mark 31 years of an independent Ukrainian state couldn’t take place last week. A curfew was imposed because the risk of […] Source

High Noon

This week Kenny Farquharson had a scoop of an interview with Stephen Noon, the former mastermind of the Yes campaign in 2014 (‘Yes Scotland mastermind Stephen Noon calls for Nicola Sturgeon to compromise’) reflecting on his views and in which he urged Nicola Sturgeon to “compromise on independence and work towards a more powerful Scotland […] Source

British Library Archive find on Scottish whisky inspires new book

‘THE initial feeling was that what we had found was great, but we assumed it was in print because there was so much interest.” That was how Leon Kuebler reacted to finding one of the most detailed snapshots of what life was like for the Scottish whisky distilling industry in the 1920s. Source

Scottish Water – a victory for the Scottish people v the UK Government

  Why is Scottish Water still – largely – in public ownership while water companies in the rest of the UK are privatised? The answer is solidarity. The degree of opposition to privatisation was so widespread and so strong right across Scottish society that the UK Conservative government didn’t dare to…

We salute the Yes campaign’s local heroes

  Let’s take a minute to salute the real heroes of the independence movement: The local activists, leaflet deliverers, stall staffers, marchers, flag wavers, banner holders, micro donors, cake bakers, meeting organisers, ambassadors and persuaders.  Whilst others complain, you campaign; whilst others shout at the social media Yes bubble, you talk…

The Tories can’t save a Union they want to abolish

Ruth Davidson, the erstwhile Saviour of the Union according to the British media, at least before she realised that her cosmetic exercise in putting some modern and tolerant drag on the reactionary and rotting body of the Scottish Tories had failed and she buggered off to the House of Lords before…