On Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs)

In recent weeks, there’s been increasing debate surroundings Ministers’ plans to introduce Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs). Based on mounting coverage of opposition to these sites, you’d be forgiven for assuming that ‘HPMA’ stood for ‘Highly Problematic Marine Area’. But what are HPMAs? And why are they facing so much opposition?   The Bute House Agreement […] Source

Our Fathers Fought Franco

Remembering and celebrating those who fought fascism. Our Fathers Fought Franco, Edited by Willy Maley, Luath Press, £12.99. With contributions from Willy Maley, Jennie Renton, Tam Watters, Lisa Croft Review by Lesley Orr Jamara Valley, Spain. A February weekend in 1937, ‘And all of a sudden we found ourselves in the war…And we were in […] Source

The delusions of Labour in Scotland

There’s delusion, and there’s Labour in Scotland delusion. On Wednesday in the Guardian Katherine Sangster, the national manager for Scottish Fabian and a former Labour Holyrood candidate, penned an article optimistically, or you might more accurately say misleadingly, entitled “This is how Labour can win back Scotland – and achieve a…

What have we learned from the SNP leadership race?

THIS, of course, is just the beginning. Naturally, for two politicians in particular, it will feel like the opposite. God may have been on Kate Forbes’ side, but the Almighty did not reckon with a narrow majority of the SNP membership. Those who were on Ash Regan’s side, meanwhile, can take some comfort in all […] Source

End Points

The end of Nicola Sturgeon’s time in office and the end of Boris Johnson’s time in the limelight, alongside the marking of the three-year anniversary since we entered lockdown in the UK acts like a triptych of strange endings. Of course covid has not gone away, grotesque elite figures like Johnson will return and Sturgeon’s […] Source

The Sturgeon Era is Over, Now What?

“The Sturgeon era can be defined simply: never has so little been achieved, with so much power.” – Jonathon Shafi The statement seems true, but also insufficient. The binary analysis of Nicola Sturgeon’s time in office – between fawning acolytes and and bitter detractors – seem both absurd. The FM and the leader of by […] Source