On Freedom of Speech

The news that Salman Rushdie is recovering and ‘joking’ is good, though his family are also saying his injuries are ‘life changing’. His agent, Andrew Wylie, said his liver had been damaged and that he was likely to lose an eye. We are lucky that Rushdie is an icon of free speech and not a […] Source

Stealing The Constitution

In the greatest economic crisis since the 2007 financial crash, with imminent threats to the public’s standard of living even greater than the near collapse of the banking system; and before that the world changing crisis of World War II, the Conservative Party has now abandoned even the fatiguing chore of overseeing government, for basic […] Source


  The UK Government Is Undermining Scotland’s Devolution We Want To Build A Better Scotland  Since the Brexit vote, Westminster has been attacking Scottish devolution. Devolution is incompatible with Brexit and so the UK Government is dismantling the Scottish Parliament’s powers. Five key ways the UK Government is undermining devolution Scotland was ripped…

This is a cost of corporate greed crisis

An American Buddhist nun called Perma Chödrön wrote a famous self-help book called When Things Fall Apart, she later expounded on the message of the first book with a follow up, subtitled A Guide to Fearlessness. The books give advice to dealing with personal crises such as the loss of a…

Hasta la vista, he wants to come back

The new Prime Minister is due to take over from Boris Johnson on 5 September, that however is unlikely to be the last that we hear from the serial liar and law breaker who spent years plotting and conniving to get the top job only to be wheeched out of it…