Enough is Enough – Scotland’s Anti-Catholic Marches

By now most people will be aware of just another Saturday in Glasgow (18/9/2021) in which the Catholic community were treated to the open, ugly, display of hatred against them while the rest of the population are…well…treated to an open, ugly, display.  A supremacist organisation, marching in military formation, wearing semi-military outfits and playing triumphalist […] Source

Brexit means: being told what to do by Mexico

On a trip to the local mini supermarket the other day, the fruit and veg section was almost empty, there was nothing on the shelves that usually hold the ready made sandwiches and the ready meals section was devoid of the normal selection of food. This is not an isolated occurrence,…

£1bn UK pension scandal makes mockery of Westminster’s anti-independence argument

The Westminster government has once again shown it can’t be trusted with our pensions after a report by the National Audit Office has revealed a £1bn scandal involving underpayments stretching over decades. The scandal robbed 134,000 pensioners – most of them women – of their money after outdated computer system led to underpayments. The mistakes […] Source