Cognitive Load Theory in Scotland?

Since the establishment of the Scottish Parliament in 1999, political debate in Scotland has continuously highlighted a commitment to the ideal of a ‘fairer society’ (Mooney and Scott, 2012). Perceived as something of a cornerstone in the grand narrative of Scottish national ‘identity’, this notion of ‘fairness’ is one often identified alongside that other key […] Source

Westminster attacks democracy as election watchdog and court rulings under fire

Westminster is mounting challenges to issues regarded as key components of a democracy. These are the three parliamentary moves which if successful could undermine free and fair UK elections and reduce human rights. 1: THE ELECTIONS BILL This legislation would introduce a requirement for voter ID and changes to digital campaigning regulations in UK general […] Source

The depreciation of Highland deference

Ewen McLachlan on the sham consultation of the Boundary Commission as they create ‘Highland North’ the largest constituency in Europe. In 1950, John Grierson, the father of Scottish film and the man who first coined that much abused word, ‘documentary’ was invited by the grand sounding National Film Finance Corporation to head up Group 3. […] Source

Growing Pains

Last year we tried to really expand Bella. We tried to expand our core team to then expand our readership and then our income from subscriptions. That was the plan. We tried to do more arts and cultural coverage to help people through lockdown sensing that people needed some tunes and rhythms to help smooth […] Source