Redcoats, Ridicule and Rage

If you are an independence supporter more concerned by the name of a cafe than the state of grotesque social inequality, the cost of living, or issues of poverty and housing in Scotland, then you are not, to quote Logan Roy, ‘Serious people’. But it’s also too easy to be dismissive of recognising that to […] Source

Chasing after crazy and a tale of two ships

The Tories are in meltdown this week as two by elections loom in what were nominally safe Conservative seats in the English Tory heartlands, although given the current state of the party there is no longer such a thing as a safe seat for the Tories. Febrile back bench MPs are…

Tucker Carlson: Putin’s Patsy

In the week when Donald Trump says he would would encourage Russia to attack allies who pay too little for defence spending, Tucker Carlson visits Moscow for an interview with Vladimir Putin. Carlson is a man for whom the phrase ‘useful idiot’ was coined, but his interview is the media sensation of the week. Carlson […] Source

Being Bella Baxter

BEING BELLA BAXTER: by Johnny Rodger a clash of worldviews in book and film I once spent a week in Paris with Alasdair Gray and Carl MacDougall, another Scottish writer. They were of the same generation, and the best of friends. They performed endless joshing together with funny accents and comedy routines where they rehearsed […] Source

Interview with Humza Yousaf

I’ve been scornful of ‘brocasts’ – chummy podcasts with ex politicians who feign to be at some binary end of a political spectrum when they are actually twins – but this interview is fascinating for what it reveals. He talks of his call for a ceasefire in Gaza and his experience of having relatives trapped […] Source