Scot Goes Off

Since 2008, Scot Goes Pop! has been the pro-indy opinion pollster.  But, with a flawed survey on gender reform and the promotion of Alba beyond its vote share, has James Kelly’s blog lost its sparkle?  Done right, opinion polling is an accurate science with strict rules about sample size, selection of participants and margins of […] Source

Cry Freedom! and Keep Crying Freedom!

For those who used to complain about a ‘Neverendum’ in Scotland, they may have noticed that the Brexit campaign itself never seems to have an end point. The FT tells us that: “Johnson will this week publish a 100-page “benefits of Brexit” paper highlighting plans for future deregulation, including areas such as gene editing of […] Source

Crisis over, so Alex Massie gets back to putting Scotland down

  One wonders if Alex Massie, a Scot, enjoys talking down his country. But then again, as a Spectator and Times journo, he’s paid to do so. It’s his confusion that’s more concerning. He writes “the present economic case for independence is non-existent” but in the next sentence says “Scotland is…

Good Government and the Sovereign Individual

GOOD GOVERNMENT: From The Province Of The Cat by George Gunn What is a government exactly? Do modern, hi-tech societies actually need them? If they do then the least the citizens of these societies should expect is good government. Currently, as things pan out, can the subjects of the UK – for alas, as yet, […] Source

Mapping the Break-Up of Britain

While the Anglo-British state is engulfed in it’s own farce, and commentators indulge in frantic denial, the importance of England’s role in the collapse is worth noticing. Today Verso re-publish Tom Nairn’s 1970s classic in an updated version: ‘The Break-Up of Britain, Crisis and Neo-Nationalism’. Hilary Wainwright called it: “A creative intellectual toolkit for a […] Source

The Tories’ loose cannon has turned on them

A week after we were supposed to see the Sue Gray report in full, a report which was going to tell us what we already know, namely that Boris Johnson is a lying entitled rule-breaking hypocrite, we are still waiting, and the lying entitled hypocrite is still firmly ensconced in Downing…

A Disaffection

Listen to audio of this article here: The sight of a braying hysterical Tory MP (Jonathan Gullis) is the image of the week. It encapsulates the raw Tory energy at this time; full of malice and feeling more than slightly unhinged. Gullis was responding to Ian Blackford raising the issue of mounting poverty and the […] Source