EU membership for Scotland, let’s do it the right way

The SNP constitution secretary Angus Robertson has suggested that a vote for Scottish independence should also count as a vote for Scotland to rejoin the European Union and that a second vote on EU membership would therefore not be required. He said that in a future vote the independence case would…

Brexit three years on – still an unmitigated disaster for Scotland

It has now been almost seven years since the UK voted to leave the European Union and three years since the UK left the EU in direct conflict with the stated democratic will of the Scottish people. The Scottish electorate was ignored and Scotland was ripped from the European community against what has now been […] Source

Remembering Working Class Scottish Voices and Histories

Mobbings, Struggles and Strikes: Episodes in the history of the organised working class of Dumfries, 1771-1914, by Ian Gasse, Scottish Labour History Society, £22.00. Review by Katharine McCrossan. As the number of those participating in or impacted by strikes continues to increase amidst the ongoing cost of living crisis, it is unlikely that the issue […] Source

A Hurl on a Neugle

A HURL ON A NEUGLE: From The Province Of The Cat. George Gunn on sleazeports, democracy and industrial strategy. There are many fine things the SNP have done since coming into power in 2007. Keeping the light shining for independence, however flickering the flame has been from time to time, has been one of them. […] Source

Holyrood’s death by a thousand Tory cuts

In a recent interview with the News Agents podcast, the First Minister said that she is no longer 100% certain that the Conservatives would not attempt to abolish the Scottish Parliament. Even a few months ago this would have been an unthinkable possibility, but given the blatantly anti-democratic behaviour of the…

Talking Poetry and Politics in Downing Street

Hugh McMillan was asked to Downing Street to read poetry to Rishi Sunak. My recent visit to Downing Street has resulted in some (mostly good natured) stick and I thought it might be interesting to give my reflections on my invitation to the centre of the failing British state. I accepted the invite – to […] Source

Coronation sicken

The beginning of May would be a very good time to escape the country, if you can afford to seeing as how the energy price cap comes to an end in April and millions of households will be struggling to afford their gas and electricity bills, a Westminster created utter disgrace…