Our List of Dishonour

It’s an annual tradition to throw your hands up in the air when the New Years Honours List is announced. But this years list is particularly appalling. As political commentator Gerry Hassan writes: “The UK political system is broken and rotten. The debasement of the honours systems is beyond repair and used shamelessly by the […] Source

The Problem with Normcore Publishing and Podcasts

We used to talk of a ‘media class’ and a ‘political class’ but the distinction is becoming more and more fuzzy as politicians interview each other on platforms like GB News and pundits and columnists with inside tracks rise to prominence on the back of huge salaries. Increasingly ex-journos and columnists have re-invented themselves in […] Source

Happy Holidays

Taking a few days off. Thanks to all of or readers and writers for the past year. Hope you all have some good holiday time, whatever that means to you. Peace, Mike Source

On Dùthchas and the Protection of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

On Dùthchas, ‘heritage “from below” and the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Today, 23d December, the British Government announced its intention to ratify the Convention for the Protection of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (CICH). Many advocates (like me) have waited for years for this welcome announcement, and it is fitting and symbolic that it occurs […] Source

Gaza: Erasure and Resistance

Talat Yaqoob reflects on the relentless assault on the people of Gaza, its erasure and the need for organisation for solidarity and resistance. I have never known the words “it’s complicated” to be used as often as they have over the last two months. For some this has been their only contribution to this discourse; […] Source

Holiday break

The holidays are coming up so I won’t be blogging for the duration. I will be back in the New Year. I am sure that there will be plenty to keep you occupied in the comments section in the meantime. My mum has been transferred to a hospital closer to most…