The Lib Dem conference: the ego has landed

Party conference season is upon us, the time of year when politicians make speeches aimed at pleasing their party’s base and the rest of us switch off. These are likely to be the last party conferences before the Westminster general election which is due next year, and the parties will be…

Gordon Brown Saves the World

Gordon Brown is obviously a very clever man. But why is there something so strange about his widely lauded proposals today? (How do we raise trillions of dollars to fight the climate crisis? The answer is staring us in the face).They seem to operate in a world with no history or power, or relations between […] Source

Lost Worlds

Did you wonder where you’d gone? Scotland is here given the Atlantis treatment by Midshipman and human-labrador Ben Fogle. Despite being one of the signatories pleading Scotland to ‘stay‘ in 2014* (along with luminaries such as Kirstie Allsop, John Barrowman, Dickie Bird, Gyles Brandreth, Ronnie Corbett, Tracey Emin, Toms Holland and Hollander, Sir Bruce Forsyth, Rod […] Source

Latest oil prices show Scotland has to be cannier in move to net zero

TWO things happened last week on the energy front that are not entirely unrelated. First, Rishi Sunak rolled back on targets for moving towards net-zero CO2 emissions. But second, the price of oil on international markets jumped to its highest point this year. No, folks, fossil fuels have Source

The Never Ending Murdoch Empire

The Long 1980s never seems to ever end, but a sign of that era’s departure into the rear view mirror came this week with the announcement of the retiral (ish) of Rupert Murdoch. No-one personified the era of conflict, strife and the debasement of public life than Murdoch and his rancid media empire. Rupert Murdoch […] Source

‘Brexit 2.0’ gives renewed urgency to the Scottish independence movement

Many people across Scotland including businesses and experts have not got their heads around “Brexit 2.0”: the new thicket of regulations that will be painful barriers to trade in goods and services with the EU. It is terrible news for the Scottish economy – but the fact that it is looming will boost the strength […] Source