Grand Designs

I just watched an episode of Grand Designs, about a man with MS converting a cave home, which was the most uplifting piece of television I have seen for a long time – and thus naturally not on the BBC. I was particularly pleased as recent episodes had …read more

MoodieVision: School Of Jock

Greg Moodie's Election Dissection

Series 2 Episode 11 of MoodieVision animation: School Of Jock

The follow-up to ‘Greg Moodie Versus The Union’, ‘Greg Moodie’s Election Dissection’ is a compilation of mainly post-referendum cartoons from Bella Caledonia and The National and charts the run-up to the 2015 General Election.

This 132-page colour-explosion is a large-format 297 …read more

The Corbyn Paradox


In a massive political body-swerve the media are clinging desperately to Alex Massie’s wheeze ignoring a huge outreach to a new constituency, an impassioned plea to openess and a listening agenda. Here was a Labour leader quoting Maya Angelou and Ben Okri striking out against cyber-bullying and misogyny …read more

Syria and the Law

The legal position is perfectly clear. Syria has a recognised government, that of President Assad, represented at the United Nations. That government is legally entitled to call on Russian military assistance. Russian military action against ISIL is therefore legal.

By contrast, US and French military action has neither the sanction of …read more

Selective association

Alert social-media users couldn’t have failed to notice Unionist activists and hacks working themselves up into a very great lather last night over (currently former) SNP MP Michelle Thomson. The ex-director of Business For Scotland has resigned the party whip and is now sitting, at least temporarily, as an independent …read more

On Spanish Democracy


No sooner had Catalan president Artur Mas guided his nationalist coalition to victory at Catalonia’s plebiscitary elections on Sunday night than a court in Madrid announced that Mas would face formal charges relating to civil disobedience and the ‘usurpation’ of Spanish constitutional powers.

The complaints were filed against Mas before Sunday’s …read more


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The Scottish media has been in SNPbaaaad overdrive because Michelle Thomson MP has had the party whip removed while there’s an investigation into the role of her lawyer in her property dealings and because Fiona Hyslop gave government money to the organisers of T in the Park. It’s the …read more

When you lose your friends

Neil Kinnock, 1987: Did voters come home to Labour? No. Bryan Gould, 2007: Did voters come home to Labour? No. Gordon Brown, 2010: Did voters come home to Labour? No. Ed Miliband, 2015: Did voters come home to Labour? No. John McDonnell, 2015: Will voters come home to Labour? Don’t …read more

Buy Less Be More #Scotland101


Scotland101 – our series of extracts from Commonweal’s Book of Ideas. #90 Set out a National Deconsumerisation Strategy

Me-first economics has created a cycle of work-to-consume. Saturation advertising and marketing continuously pushes us to spend money. But since me-first economics has also created long-term stagnation in wages, it has …read more

BREAKING: ‘Scottish nats are time travelling b******s,’ warns Corbyn

Source: North British Post Pictured – An artist’s impression of a possible time travelling nat The new and bearded leader of the British Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has struck a devastating blow to the Scottish separatists by revealing one of their most closely-guarded secrets: that they have utilised time travel technology to cause chaos and mayhem throughout the course human history. The accusations were aired on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday morning with Mr Corbyn stating: “Yes the SNP have a headline of being opposed to austerity – fine. The SNP are also privatising Calmac and were also behind […]

UN General Assembly

It is a strange world where the passage I most agreed with came from the Iranian President:

Iraq, Syria and Yemen are all examples of crises being stoked through terror, extremism, violence, bloodshed, invasion and the indifference of the international community. They are similar examples displaying cases of displacement, homelessness and …read more