Going through the motions

Rishi Sunak gave a landmark speech on Monday. That’s landmark in the sense of an abandoned ruin by the side of the road to nowhere. The Prime Minister was attempting yet another relaunch, but he was really swimming in the sea offshore from an English beach – just going through the…

The Art of Growing Up: The SNP after Sturgeon, Independence and the Power of Light

Sunday was the 25th anniversary of the Scottish Parliament’s opening day in 1999; and the 30th of the tragic death of Labour leader John Smith – two totemic moments which changed political realities and with implications to this day. The Scottish Parliament opened with its most senior member, Winnie Ewing, declaring: ‘The Scottish Parliament, adjourned […] Source

All is Wild on Danger Island

“I feel a profound sense of urgency” said Rishi Sunak in a ‘wide-ranging’ and wild speech today. “Yeah don’t we all mate” four nations replied in unison. Sunak came out fighting (sort of) after his disastrous recent election results, choosing to make his pitch at the Policy Exchange think-tank, as Suella Braverman had done before […] Source

Jewish Solidarity for the People of Gaza

This is by Daniel Delfs, self-described as an ‘Anti-Zionist Jewish Speech from Edinburgh Rafah Emergency Rally Wednesday 8th of May’. Daniel is part of the University of Edinburgh’s Kehillah group, a Jewish group advocating for Judaism beyond Zionism and functioning on a basis of complete solidarity with the Palestinian people.  There are no words to […] Source

Many thanks to everyone – fundraiser update

I just wanted to thank everyone who contributed to or supported this year’s Wee Ginger Dug fundraiser. I was even more apprehensive about it this year than I have been in years past. There is a cost of living crisis which has had a severe impact on the budgets of many…