New Brexit import controls will hurt Scottish businesses and families

From tomorrow – and again in April – the UK Government will start imposing a battery of border controls on agricultural trade with the EU. Fierce protests from businesses have delayed these controls five times but they will go ahead this time in order for Rishi Sunak to appease the right wing of his party. […] Source

Atomic City Blues: From The Province Of The Cat

Atomic City Blues: From The Province Of The Cat by George Gunn It’s not easy being green, as Joe Raposo had Kermit the Frog sing so philosophically on the TV in the 1970 Muppets. It is certainly not easy when you live in a small North Highland town dubbed “Atomic City” by the CB radio […] Source

Israel on Trial

“We are a people who were the victims of apartheid. We know what apartheid looks like… we will not be passive bystanders & watch the crimes that were visited on us being perpetrated on other people elsewhere.” – Cyril Ramaphosa, president of South Africa The media silence on the UN’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) […] Source

MAGA 2024, more Tribe than Cult

As a new, even more psychotic version of Trump heaves into view, sweating and muttering weird incantations, the same problematic responses as before appear as Liberal America hides from what it is in front of it. A snarling, incoherent, possibly syphilis-infested Donald Trump is surrounded by newly-found sycophants, hot-off their failed campaigns to oppose him […] Source

National service: Which nation? Serving whom?

When Better Together reeled off their list of the supposed benefits of being part of the UK for Scotland, they did not include conscription, compulsory service in the armed forces, as one of the attractions of the British state. And with very good reason, because being forced against your will to…