Campaigning not Complaining

According to The National, later this week the First Minister is expected to announce her plans for a second independence referendum when she unveils her programme for government to the Scottish Parliament next week. The programme should have been revealed this week, but was postponed to September 7 pending the finalisation…

Believe in Scotland Day of Indy Action set for September 18

  The date of the Believe in Scotland mass Day of Action for Independence has been revealed as Saturday, September 18. More than 80 Yes groups from all over Scotland have already signed up to take part and ‘’fire the starting gun on a major coordinated grassroots independence campaign ‘’ that…

Poem of the week: Say it’s nothing

Say it’s nothing   say it’s nothing, say it’s rust, Georgi Gill   The way a bicycle chain goes, say in rain, or the dent in the fender of the car, left to its own devices, the marriage is the old blood red of rust, long done coursing through, delivering what is needed to the […] Source


Just before his untimely death at just fifty-nine, the anthropologist David Graeber wrote: “At some point in the next few months, the crisis will be declared over, and we will be able to return to our “nonessential” jobs. For many, this will be like waking from a dream.” “…Because, in reality, the crisis we just […] Source

A New Makar for Scotland

Poetry becomes people. The phrase was coined by poet and editor, Duncan Glen, to encapsulate the life-work of Hamish Henderson. The words are appropriately playful and ambiguous, and more buoyant than Auden’s similarly gnomic claim that ‘poetry makes nothing happen.’ Poetry becomes people: it suits us, is befitting, felicitous; or maybe it shapes us, so […] Source

To move beyond the culture wars we must end the loneliness of capitalism

Whatever stage of life it hit you at, the pandemic has accentuated the process of ageing.  Whether you’re seventeen or seventy-one, there is a sense that irretrievable time has been snatched. Blank pages have been inserted at an essentially random point in billions of biographies. You’d think that sympathy towards the youngest, for whom time […] Source

Scotonomics Food Sovereignty Series

A sample from Scotonomics (a bi-monthly YouTube show which discusses how the real economy works and busts popular myths, hosted by Kairin van Sweeden & William Thomson) … from their Food Sovereignty series … Follow them here @Scotonomics1 Source