The Dearth

The renowned and widely-liked broadcaster Bernard Ponsonby retired this week in a hail of deserved appreciation. Ponsonby combined the qualities of warmth and humanity with a sharp edge of journalistic inquiry. He signed-off from STV with an assessment that Scottish politics now suffers from “a real dearth of thinkers”. He cited the former politicians “Donald […] Source

Starmer’s devolution deceit

As he launched his party’s election campaign for the local and mayoral elections due in England on 2 May, a little over a month away, Keir Starmer promised that if he becomes Prime Minister after the Westminster general election expected to be held later this year his government will introduce “full…

The power and mythology of collective memories of place in understanding Scotland

Andrew Blaikie, The Scots Imagination and Modern Memory: Representations of Belonging, Edinburgh University Press. The 1980s and 1990s was probably the heyday of Scottish cultural studies with the work of Colin MacArthur, Tom Nairn, Lindsay Paterson and others engendering a constant critique and (generally) healthy debate about historical and contemporary representations of Scotland nurtured by […] Source

Starmer’s most shameful U turn yet

Another day, another Labour U turn. It has got extremely tiresome to write that sentence, and no doubt equally tiresome to read it. Keir Starmer’s right wing U turns have become drearily predictable. At this point the only question is how many more can Starmer squeeze in before the general election….

Ferguson Marine boss sacked by board

THE chief executive of Ferguson Marine, where the two delayed and over-budget CalMac ferries are being built, has been sacked by the state-owned company’s board … Source

Nike, St George and Destitution: Make England Great Again

In the week it was announced that 300,000 more children were plunged into absolute poverty in a single year at the height of the cost of living crisis, amid soaring levels of hunger and food bank use, the Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems all united to condemn Nike’s new St George Cross design on the […] Source