England’s Dreaming

English fans and commentators are making a far better effort than Scotland’s in reflecting on their time at the Euros. Having made the tournament’s final the English manager has decided to stand down, having been turfed out after another abject and dismal tournament at the bottom of the group, the Scottish manager remains. One nation […] Source

Energy will end up being rationed despite all of our natural resources

MANY think that Scotland is a net exporter of electricity, and in the sense that the volume of electricity generated by the many windmills situated here, and fed into the National Grid, could sometimes be in excess of our requirements, that could be true. However, The Scottish Government does not own any onshore or offshore wind farms, directly or otherwise, as the Scottish Government website will confirm. Source

The Free People of Morocco

The experiences I had in Morocco will stay with me for the rest of my life. The first time I heard the sunset call to prayer from the Spanish Mosque in Chefchaouen, as it echoed between the hills, the muezzins of all the other mosques in the valley resounding in turn, to the point that […] Source

The diverging paths

Now that the dust has started to settle on the outcome of the Westminster election and the SNP’s not so shock defeat, it’s time to reflect on what the result holds for the future – not just in Scotland but across the rest of the UK as well. The first takeaway…

American Dystopia

When Margaret Thatcher escaped the IRA’s bombing of the Brighton hotel on 12 October 1984, she immediately used it as political capital. She decided to continue the Conservative conference as normal, and was given a standing ovation by delegates as she entered the stage just six and a half hours after the explosion. No doubt […] Source