McCrone Report: How the document influenced the Scotland Act

CONTROL over North Sea oil and gas was reserved under the Scotland Act due to “nervousness” in the UK Government of the time that the boost to Scotland’s finances would hand political power to the independence cause, an expert on the issue has said. Source

Escaping the vicious circle

I’m finally back blogging, a few days later than planned. Our visitors stayed longer than they had originally intended to and then I got some upsetting family news which meant that my head was just not in the game at all. However there has certainly been plenty to keep you all…

In Defense of Place and Season

So Britain has gone crazy about the reality that our food system has broken down as empty shelves present themselves as the inevitable outcome of the political sado-populism of Brexit. But as we realise just how precarious the food system is – it’s worth remembering that this precarity pre-dates Brexit, European ‘weather events’ or any […] Source

10 reasons why Brexit is behind the UK’s food shortages

  The mainstream news media is reporting that fresh vegetable shortages in British supermarkets are caused by “bad weather in Spain and Morocco”. But Brexit is a big factor – it has disrupted Britain’s supply chains and is reducing food production in the UK.  Social media is awash with photos…

The Coral Bleaching of Scottish Democracy

THE CORAL BLEACHING OF SCOTTISH DEMOCRACY: From the Province of the Cat by George Gunn “All these people do what they are doing unconsciously, because they must, all their life being founded upon deceit, and because they know not how to do anything else… Moreover, being all linked together, they approve and justify one another’s […] Source

Climate justice, community grief and power building

As November 2022 neared, it felt like a ghost was stalking the streets of Glasgow. One year before, tens of thousands of people arrived in suits as part of the COP26, the UN climate apparatus, which ultimately decides who lives and who dies.  2022 was a year of broken climate promises and devastating extreme weather. […] Source