If Labour win power, energy-rich Scotland will keep getting ripped off

IAN Murray is excited. Sir Keir promises to make the UK a green superpower on the back of Scotland. He pledges to create hundreds of thousands of Scottish jobs, lower the highest energy bills in the UK, provide energy security and tackle climate change with his new green superpowers. Does anyone seriously believe that if Scots vote Labour, nirvana will arrive? Source

Blog break

I’m going to take a week off the blog. Holyrood and Westminster have both gone into summer recess so there should not be a huge amount of political news to report on for a while. I am still very fatigued from attending the SNP Convention in Dundee, it’s taking me longer…

After Britain

Anyone who has lived through New Labour; Starmer’s posturing; the endless Royal deaths, marriages, coronations, Jubilees and divorces; the Johnson debacle; or Gordon Brown’s endless Federalism wheeze; will recognise the Parody Britain described by Tom Nairn. When Tom Nairn wrote of the UK as a “changeling Kingdom of Thatcher, Major and Blair — a parody […] Source

Labour’s Rough Wooing

“Scotland is a poor country, one of the poorest regions of Europe. Yet with its similar population and resources, it should be as rich as Ireland or Denmark … The reason is simple: that for the past century the Scottish economy has been allowed to lapse by being run from England in England’s interest”. This […] Source

Being Seriously Concerned

Let’s imagine there’s a news story which is very important. It has received a great deal of coverage, and quite rightly.  In fact it’s literally been front page, and for a long time. Then imagine, if you will, that this story has been politicized from the outset, for reasons which are clearly recognized and understood. […] Source

The SNP convention and a plan for independence

I had originally planned to write a proper blog piece on Sunday about my experience being on a panel with Lesley Riddoch and Gordon Macintyre Kemp at the SNP independence convention in Dundee on Saturday 24 June but the day wiped me out and I needed time to rest and recuperate…

Will a new Scottish pound mean higher prices in shops?

MEMBERS of the Scottish Currency Group continue their series explaining how a separate Scottish currency can be introduced soon after independence and the implications for the Scottish economy, Scottish Government, businesses, and households … Source