Gaslighting Glasgow

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Panic buying, petrol rationing, soaring fuel prices … all products of a Brexit Scotland rejected

Food shortages and panic buying as Christmas approaches, petrol rationing and soaring fuel prices … Scotland faces three crises linked by one catastrophe it specifically voted against: Brexit. The  UK government’s decision to pull out the EU – despite Scotland and Northern Ireland voting against the move in the European referendum – is a factor […] Source

Ambulance chasing with Douglas Ross

I wasn’t planning to blog today as I’m wiped out from physiotherapy, but I am so angered by Douglas Ross that I have to say something. Douglas Ross is a thoroughly odious individual who leads a thoroughly odious political party, a party which has no hesitation in pursuing cheap political points…

Grief, Conspiracy and Purebloods

For years now the world’s wildest conspiracies have morphed and bloomed. Now, under lockdown they’ve gone (if you excuse the pun) viral. Some anti-vaxxers are now calling themselves “purebloods”, and the toxic mix of a total distrust of the state and the emergence of “post-truth” culture is causing chaos. All of this lands during the […] Source

Labourism and Unionism: a Labour Party Conference Reading Guide

As Labour Conference gathers in Brighton  Mark Perryman reviews books that seek to account for the party’s enduring unionism.  It’s been a while, Labour Conference and the attendant World Transformed Festival haven’t gathered since September 2019. Since then there’s been the disaster of the party’s 2019 General Election defeat,  in Scotland back t the solitary […] Source

Westminster backs move to rob Scotland of business subsidy powers

Westminster’s threat to divert powers over state subsidies to businesses and industry away from the Scottish parliament has moved a step closer to becoming a reality. UK government plans to grab control over subsidies once paid through EU state aid  were passed in a second reading of the Subsidy Control Bill by 287 votes to […] Source