Holiday break

The holidays are coming up so I won’t be blogging for the duration. I will be back in the New Year. I am sure that there will be plenty to keep you occupied in the comments section in the meantime.

My mum has been transferred to a hospital closer to most of the family. The good news is that they no longer think that death is getting close. It appears that what was making her so ill was a very bad reaction to the immunotherapy treatment and the hope is that as the drugs leave her system, which could take a while, she will start to show some improvement. She has good days and bad days but she has started to eat small amounts again.

She is still very poorly but is somewhat better than she was last week.  They will not be starting the immunotherapy again as she had such a poor reaction to it. Unfortunately this also means that the cancer will start to reassert itself and they have no other treatment options for it. It’s a particularly aggressive cancer and there is now nothing to keep it in check.  We still have some tough times ahead but the immediate cause for concern appears to have passed. Thank you for all your kind words.

Have a great Christmas and New Year and I will be back early in January.



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