Scotland’s energy future – Damaged by five UK government failures

  Scotland currently produces the most renewable energy per capita among the UK nations and is a potential global leader in this field.  Hydrogen in particular could represent Scotland’s greatest industrial opportunity since the discovery of oil and gas in the North Sea. The technology has the power to unleash huge economic benefits while supporting […] Source

Winning a de facto referendum is within our grasp

A major new poll for The National has found that a clear majority of voters would back pro-independence parties if the next UK General Election were to be used as a de facto independence referendum. In such a scenario total of 54.4% of voters would give their votes to either the…

The Twilight Zone

Alister Jack has spent the past week or so refusing to explain his reasons for blowing up the devolution settlement by making unprecedented use of a section 35 order to veto the Gender Recognition Reform Bill passed by the Scottish Parliament after extensive debate and consultation and with cross-party support. As…

The Trojan horse

Alister Jack, the Viceroy of the Province of North Britain, has compounded his contempt for the Scottish Parliament by refusing to appear before a Holyrood committee to explain his reasons for his unprecedented use of a section 35 order to veto a Holyrood bill relating to devolved matters which was passed…

Elite Despair at Davos

This is probably what you’d call ‘elite despair’: Al Gore on World Economic Forum 2023 about fossil fuel industry and arresting Greta Thunberg in Germany from tremoniamedia Filmproduktion on Vimeo. Source

Levelling Up Britain, Hunger Games Style

In America they call it Pork Barrel Politics. Here you could call it vote-rigging. The levelling up fund, the last vestige of Boris Johnson’s disgraced regime, is being used as a Tory pre-election bribe, a blatant party political inducement, and they’re doing it in plain sight. Labour’s Chris Bryant called it out saying: “The Levelling […] Source

BBC Radio Scotland – Cuts Update

Recently, BBC Scotland has confirmed plans to wind up shows: Classics Unwrapped, Jazz Nights, and Pipeline. An update from Tommy Smith on the campaign to defend against programme cuts at BBC Radio Scotland. Today, I heard from Angus Robertson, MSP, Cabinet Secretary for the Constitution, External Affairs and Culture (and musician). He told me he was […] Source