An elected dictatorship without the election

We are in for the fifth Prime minister in six years, and the tenth Tory Prime Minister that Scotland hasn’t voted for. They say that bad luck comes in threes and right on cue along comes the third Conservative Prime Minister this year. This time the Conservatives aren’t even pretending that…

Keep Calm and Carry On

It’s a form of delirium. Memory loss and the failure to process events into sequence is the sign of a degeneration in mental capacity, and yet here we are. After the debacle of Liz Truss, we are presented by the idea of the return of Boris Johnson to the position of Prime Minister. This requires […] Source

From Glasgow to Sharm el-Sheikh, Out of the Ruins of COP26

Quan Nguyen was the Scottish Coordinator of the COP26 Coalition. Here he reflects on lessons learned about protest and movement building in the shadow of COP26. This time last year , we were getting ready. I remember the police threatening us with arrest for holding a banner at Glasgow Central, where hundreds of climate activists […] Source

The Growth Fetish

As Britain spirals into chaos that has run out of words to describe it, Liz Truss disappears. In desperation at her party conference, she turned to one of the many phantoms in her head and coined an interesting concept: the antigrowth coalition. In the beleaguered Prime Minister’s head such a coalition spans an unlikely grouping […] Source

The Tory lettuceship contest

The lettuce wins hands down. The Star newspaper had set up a live feed of a photo of Truss beside a lettuce and a caption asking which would last longer, well now we know, the lettuce wins hands down. This may mean that the lettuce will be the next Prime Minister,…