Johnson’s tears are only for himself

There is mounting speculation that Boris Johnson is to face a vote of confidence from Conservative MPs. This is not because they have suddenly discovered some moral outrage about a corrupt serial liar and man who didn’t know he was at a party even though he was warned not to go…

A Bella Caledonia Anthology

Next month we’ll be launching our anthology of some of the best writing we’ve published since 2007 including some key moments, viral blogs, and seminal essays. It feels important to take stock and reflect and collect – particularly at this time – and after a sort of frenetic and constant stream of publishing daily for […] Source

Green heating target is storing up very big bills for homeowners

YOUR article “Home truths on the challenge to make Scotland a net-zero nation” (Jan 16) makes for a very depressing read. It makes clear that decarbonising properties In Scotland is set to cost in excess of £33 billion. I have often wondered if this figure has been adjusted for the current rate of inflation. If not, the completely unachievable also becomes the completely unaffordable. Source

ScotWind Offshore Auction

The ScotWind offshore auction has divided opinion across the Scottish left, green-left and wider independence movement exposing fissures of vision and understanding. On the one hand is the feeling of a corporate sell-out – how did Shell and BP get their hands on our wind energy? The ongoing travesty that there is no National Public […] Source

Mainstream media ignores Scottish health service patient safety success story

  It should come as no surprise that the mainstream media failed to cover another Scottish health service success – its outstanding patient safety record. In testimony before Westminster’s Health Committee last week, Dr. Pelle Gustafson, leading European expert on patient safety and CMO at Swedish Patient Insurer, was asked which…