Is independence possible without the SNP?

It’s a question that few of us have asked in the last decade or more. The assumption, however misplaced has been that the SNP were the vehicle to exert pressure on the British state to conceded constitutional change. That now seems far-fetched, for many it has for some time. As Jamie Maxwell writes in Politico: […] Source

A Great Nothing: Election 2024

“I am the nothing around which all this spins, I exist so that it can spin, I am a centre that exists only because everything circle has one… I am the centre of everything surrounded by a great nothing.” – Fernando Pesso, The Book of Disquiet IN 1997, a few weeks before Tony Blair’s New […] Source

Firebird and Phoebe Anna Traquair

Away from the general election in the UK, last week the governor of California declared a state of emergency. California is enduring a brutal drought and heatwave, with temperatures soaring above 40°C and multiple wildfires causing widespread destruction. In the north of the state, one fire has resulted in the evacuation of nearly 30,000 residents. […] Source

There’s little lipstick for this pig

We need to be honest with ourselves here, there is very little lipstick to be put on this pig. It was an unqualified disaster for the SNP. I knew that the SNP was going to perform poorly when John Swinney said that if the SNP won most seats in Scotland it…

Vote for Scotland’s interests, vote SNP

Tomorrow it’s get rid of the Tories day. After fourteen years of miserable vindictiveness the Conservatives are on the way out. The Tories are in for a historic defeat. According to some opinion polls they could even be left vying with the Lib Dems for second place, which would strip them…

Of Our Time

Welcome to Britain four years after twenty-twenty We’ve lived through a pandemic now state coffers state empty The cost of living’s gone up in a time of austerity Our Prime Minister wouldn’t resign he was so full of temerity Everybody’s noticed ten pounds won’t go far It will get you even less if you have […] Source