Tech disaster

Sorry, but there won’t be a new blog post today or for a couple of days. Unfortunately I have had a major tech disaster. My laptop has died and I am going to have to buy a new one. There’s nothing sinister going on, it was just an elderly machine and it has finally given up the ghost. I have borrowed my husband’s work laptop to write this. I had hoped that the old laptop would last out until the next annual crowdfunder in the summer, but the machine would not boot up at all this morning and my resident tech expert tells me it is a gonner.

This is a big expense I have not budgeted for. I hate to ask, but if readers could help by making a donation to my PayPal account I will be able to get up and running much more quickly. Thank you very much.


albarevisedMy Gaelic maps of Scotland are still available, a perfect gift for any Gaelic learner or just for anyone who likes maps. The maps cost £15 each plus £7 P&P within the UK. You can order by sending a PayPal payment of £22 to [email protected] (Please remember to include the postal address where you want the map sent to).

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