Many thanks to everyone – fundraiser update

I just wanted to thank everyone who contributed to or supported this year’s Wee Ginger Dug fundraiser. I was even more apprehensive about it this year than I have been in years past. There is a cost of living crisis which has had a severe impact on the budgets of many households, and it’s fair to say that not all is rosy within the movement for Scottish independence or the SNP, we do not have our challenges to seek and already the British nationalist flag fetishists of the Labour party are licking their lips in anticipation of crowing triumphantly that it’s all over for the SNP and for hopes of Scottish independence. They’re wrong, but we need to brace ourselves for rocky days ahead.

That is why it is extremely heartening that I am able to announce that not only did this year’s fundraiser reach its target of £5000, it absolutely smashed it, reaching a total of £7500. This blog will continue to shine that calm beacon of light in the months and years ahead. I am grateful and humbled that so many people see enough value in my work to dig into their pockets to support it. I will continue to write in support of Scottish independence and those parties with a proven track record of electoral success which seek the prize of restoring this beautiful, wet, and oft times infuriating country of ours to its rightful place amongst the nations of Europe. Nothing worthwhile is easy, but I remain confident that Scotland will get there in the end.

My immense and heartfelt thanks to everyone who has contributed to the fundraiser or who supports this blog in other ways. You bring a tear to the eye of this grizzled old cynic.


I am currently running the annual fundraiser for this blog. It relies on your support to keep going. Please consider making small donation. Now more than ever it is vital that someone continues to make the case for independence without getting sidetracked by conspiracy theories or culture wars issues. You can donate to my crowdfund page by clicking on the following link

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Obviously recent developments concerning Peter Murrell will attract a lot of interest and people will want to express their views. However I must remind people that Scotland has very strict laws about contempt of court and you must exercise extreme caution in what you post. Ideally it is best to say nothing. I must also warn you that you are personally responsible for any comments you make.

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