Bronze Age Grave

…to contact with the plough through centuries of
cultivation and windblow. When the farmer again struck some stones in
2007 he marked the spot and an interested neighbour attempted to dig
them out. However, after removing some large stones the neighbour found
a fragment of ancient pottery, which he knew to be associated with cist
burials. The digging was stopped immediately and the proper authorities
in the shape of Historic Scotland informed.     

A few days later a team of three archaeologists from AOC Archaeology
Group arrived on site and started a proper excavation. Detailed
drawings were made of each phase of the dig, careful measurements
taken, samples bagged and eventually a skeleton appeared. The cist had
been well made with an outer wall of large stones and an inner cobbled
platform upon which the body lay. Also in the grave were fragments of a
beaker and a beautifully made flint knife. It is probable that the
beaker would have contained food and there may well have been other
grave goods of cloth or hide which have not survived. The cist was well
made and originally had a cap stone which was probably removed about
ten years ago. When you think that this grave would have had to be dug
without benefit of modern spades and the largest stones carried over
rough ground for at least several miles by a group of men then you
realise that the body was of an important person respected by their
family and tribe.   

A preliminary report has already been received regarding the excavation
but it may well be years before detailed tests on the skeleton and cist
contents are complete. Eventually a full report will be completed and
we hope that some of the material may then be returned to Elgin museum
along with other flint tools from the area. This brings to ten the
number of prehistoric funerary remains found in the Garmouth area and
demonstrates that the popularity of this lovely area is long standing.

Bill Baird

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