Annual fundraiser, a quick update

It has been just over a week since the blog’s annual fundraiser was launched and I thought readers might like a quick update since it’s not clear from the Go Fund Me page alone how the fundraiser is going. The total received from all sources, PayPal, Go Fund Me, and direct deposits now stands at £4960, just £40 shy of the £5000 target. I am confident that the target can be exceeded in the next couple of days. My immense thanks and deep gratitude to everyone who supports my work, whether that’s through a donation or just by dropping me a line to say that they appreciate my writing. It means more than you can imagine all the more so since it is one of the few avenues of creativity which remain open to me following my stroke.

It always makes me deeply apprehensive when I launch the annual fundraiser, not just because I am asking people to put their money where my mouth is, but also because I am aware that certain people who hate this blog and the positions it takes would love nothing more than to gloat at its perceived failure. They’re going to be deprived of their opportunity for gloating for another year.

I will keep the fundraiser running for another couple of weeks. From the feedback I have been receiving there is a real need for a publication which continues to support Scottish independence and which is not drawn into culture wars or conspiracy theories or attacks on other pro-independence parties for ‘doing independence wrong’. With the success of this year’s fundraiser I will be able to do that for another year, through the next Westminster general election and beyond.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who values and supports this blog.


I am currently running the annual fundraiser for this blog. It relies on your support to keep going. Please consider making small donation. Now more than ever it is vital that someone continues to make the case for independence without getting sidetracked by conspiracy theories or culture wars issues. You can donate to my crowdfund page by clicking on the following link

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Obviously recent developments concerning Peter Murrell will attract a lot of interest and people will want to express their views. However I must remind people that Scotland has very strict laws about contempt of court and you must exercise extreme caution in what you post. Ideally it is best to say nothing. I must also warn you that you are personally responsible for any comments you make.

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