The farce that is PIP

It seems that my bad experience with PIP is sadly typical, so I have decided to share it in more detail, partly in order to help me get my thoughts together for getting the DWP to reassess my claim but also because I hope that by sharing my experience it will…

The Conservative Party and the National Debt

In Rishi Sunak’s pursuit of the leadership of a Conservative Party increasingly committed to the lunatic right fringe of politics, represented by Liz Truss and the ERG, he calculatedly chose the Thatcher shrine of Grantham to make a defining speech on his supposed responsible approach to the management of the economy; which in Conservative thought, […] Source

Distinctively British

The efforts to shoehorn and impose a British identity onto people in Scotland, and England and Wales is a strange phenomenon. Today Keir Starmer, spluttered out an assembly of words, some of which didn’t really mean anything at all, like ‘A productive Liverpool is good for Birkenhead. A strong Dudley is good for Birmingham’, all […] Source

The Great Tory who’s the bigger bastard contest

We know now that it’s Rish! Sunak and the exclamation mark of ambition and the cosplaying play-doh Thatcher Liz, if you don’t like these principles I have others, Truss who are the final two candidates in the contest to become the next worst Conservative Prime Minister in living memory, although the…

Under Attack

For months now this site has been under a Denial of Service attack (DoS)*. We’ve been protecting ourselves with CloudFlare, but have now moved to a dedicated enhanced server to allow us to block these attacks and continue publishing. Our technical support company (a small independent company based in Edinburgh) have been really great and […] Source

Welcome to Wonderland

Welcome to Wonderland, with it’s capital city the Absurdist metropolis on the Thames and it’s outlying Territories to the North and West. It’s a land on fire with no coherent national plan for coping with the new climate reality, which most of its leaders, currently on a two-month permanent media-loop on all frequencies have anything […] Source

Our Unstated Assumptions are No Longer True

The Climate Crisis is Here. Prices are rising; wildfires are burning; disease outbreaks are becoming regular. These are all symptoms of the same illness: the extreme stress we have placed on our biosphere, the network of living beings that makes civilisation possible. It is important that we look reality squarely in the face. Our instinct […] Source

Gannets Are Dying

Gannets are dying and hardly anyone is talking about it. It’s small beer, I suppose, when there’s trench-warfare in Europe, and when the Iberian Peninsula is on fire. Small beer when the UK has its own red heat alert, when our political system is corrupted, when, for many, ‘getting by’ is no longer an option. […] Source

Disnaeland: An Interview with author D.D. Johnston

Imagine the power goes out and doesn’t come back on. At all. What might happen in your community? This is the question author D.D. Johnston explores in his latest novel, Disnaeland. In a review in Scotland on Sunday, Stuart Kelly writes “Disnaeland has verve and intelligence – I hope he writes more like it. D.D. […] Source