The UK Government Is Undermining Scotland’s Devolution

We Want To Build A Better Scotland 

Since the Brexit vote, Westminster has been attacking Scottish devolution.

Devolution is incompatible with Brexit and so the UK Government is dismantling the Scottish Parliament’s powers.

Five key ways the UK Government is undermining devolution

  1. Scotland was ripped out of the EU against our will. Scotland voted 62% Remain in the Brexit referendum but that was ignored. The extreme views of the Conservative right prevailed and Brexit is hitting Scotland the hardest.
  2. The “Brexit Freedoms Bill” gives Westminster significantly enhanced powers over Scotland. The UK Government is setting a bonfire for Scotland’s democracy, human and worker’s rights and protections.
  3. The Internal Markets Act was forced on Scotland. This makes divergence between the UK nations on trade rules illegal. The Act was forced through by Westminster while Holyrood’s objections were ignored.
  1. “Levelling up”is a slogan but it’s also cover for UK Government interference in devolved spending. With 8.4% of the population, Scotland has received just 3.5% of the Levelling-up funds – far less than the EU funds it replaces.
  2. The UK Government is desperate for a trade deal with the USA and that threatens Scotland’s NHS. Holyrood does not have the powers to say ‘no’ to more UK-wide
    NHS privatisation involving US health firms which threatens Scotland’s NHS budget.

The Scottish Government spends £600 million per year mitigating Westminster’s austerity.

It is no longer a choice between devolution and independence. Devolution is not safe in Westminster’s hands.

Independence is about building a better, fairer, greener and more successful Scotland

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We support independence, not for politics but for the people, as a means to an end of building a better Scotland. This is what we believe:

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