The Media We Deserve

Source:: Derek Bateman The Media We Deserve I’ve never believed the media lost us the 2014 referendum. That’s deflection and avoidance of responsibility. But they played their part. And having had our eyes opened, we just can’t stop looking. It must be a torment to find your journalistic efforts nit-picked on the net, corrected and derided, not to mention you yourself decried as an agent of Unionism. I sympathise. But then there was always criticism of the Press, it just didn’t surface the way it does today.… Read the full article:: Derek Bateman The Media We Deserve

Done Up Like A Kipper

Source:: Derek Bateman Done Up Like A Kipper Silly me! Imagine not knowing that every news outlet in Scotland repeated almost verbatim press releases produced by political parties day by day throughout the holidays. And me a media professional. Oh dear. I’m told in jeering tones by journalists that: ‘We’re all at it. It’s been going on for years. We fix the stories two weeks in advance and print what the parties tell us. No problem.’ Well, I think there’s a problem alright. Because however cynical Scots get… Read the full article:: Derek Bateman Done Up Like A […]

Manipulating the Media

Source:: Derek Bateman Manipulating the Media The media has been positively bursting with bad news stories about the SNP government over the holiday period. Expose after expose has covered the front pages and filled the bulletins with a wearying persistence. You’d think the country was going to the dogs what with single-staffed ambulances, Scots missing out on tax credits and violence against shop workers on the rise – stories often based on Freedom of Information Requests and always contriving to make the SNP the culprit. What… Read the full article:: Derek Bateman Manipulating the Media

Shooting Foxes

Source:: Derek Bateman Shooting Foxes The SNP ain’t half cute when it comes to strategy. Sure, you can argue they got the Brexit Means Indyref2 case wrong but I would counter that the strategy was right – and will prove to be so. Rather it was the bolt from the blue of a sudden General Election that caught them cold before the reality of Brexit began to bite on the public mood. The Budget strategy as it unfolded yesterday looks more than cute – almost… Read the full article:: Derek Bateman Shooting Foxes

A Hard Rain

Source:: Derek Bateman A Hard Rain It’s raining questions these days. Hardly a day goes by without a deluge of imponderables without answers. You yearn for the stability of safe, plodding government and the certainty only a Conservative Government can provide. Oops. Sorry – that phrase came from the now obsolete 1980’s Tory journalism software I can’t quite clear out of the Mac. I think it’s the same defunct system Theresa May was using when she marketed herself as strong and stable and the Express hailed… Read the full article:: Derek Bateman A Hard Rain

Lights. Camera. Outrage.

Source:: Derek Bateman Lights. Camera. Outrage. Like the sea level overwhelming Manhattan in a disaster movie, the torrent of hysteria over a television programme is sweeping away all before it – there goes context, journalistic honesty is bobbing about over here, balance drowning over there. Behind the wash of fury comes the bile and bitterness of those with scores to settle. Former politician does telly programme – cue outrage. Ah, but not just any politician – the former First Minister. And not just any programme but… Read the full article:: Derek Bateman Lights. Camera. Outrage.

Who Shot JFK?

Source:: Derek Bateman Who Shot JFK? Who shot JFK? It may be one of the enduring mysteries but at least there are theories as to the culprit. Which is more than can be said for the other unanswered question of our times: what is the Union good for? So dense is the mystery that even its most ardent supporters are forced to appeal to the greatest minds to seek solutions. What can we come up with that will make an emotional case for the United Kingdom,… Read the full article:: Derek Bateman Who Shot JFK?

Breaking the Law

Source:: Derek Bateman Breaking the Law Well, it was ‘against the law’ right enough, and the point about constitutions is that they proscribe what you can’t do as well as clarifying what you can. The constitution – and remember, one day we’ll need one – limits a citizen’s actions as well as validating his rights. The state of Spain and its government has a duty to uphold the constitution on behalf of all citizens. Spain has a justified position to maintain and has every justification for… Read the full article:: Derek Bateman Breaking the Law

Workers Unite

Source:: Derek Bateman Workers Unite Ah, consensus. What is the deep satisfaction that comes from working harmoniously with others but the balm of humanity itself? Brothers and sisters together in search of peace and shared destiny… It makes you wonder how St Francis would have fared as a politician. ‘The Hon Member for Assisi Central is asking like-minded MPs from different parties to join together to prevent Brexit.’ For it is in giving that we receive… You can argue that being together in a political… Read the full article:: Derek Bateman Workers Unite

Armagegeddeddon !?

Source:: Derek Bateman Armagegeddeddon !? Earthquakes in Mexico, a fusillade of hurricanes in the Caribbean, the unstoppable warming of the Earth, a Dr Strangelove President threatening total nuclear wipe-out, jackboot authority restored to Catalonia and an economy-crashing Brexit imminent as a shambolic government devours itself. Oh, and Kezia resigns… If this isn’t Armageddon, I don’t know what is. Why Trump missed out Kezia’s resignation from his address to the UN will be debate by historians. I can only assume his advisers thought it best avoided… Read the full article:: Derek Bateman Armagegeddeddon !?

China Doll

Source:: Derek Bateman China Doll Well it shook me, I have to say. When I heard there was to be a re-launch, I groaned. What that usually means is we would be the ‘best ever’, we would have the ‘boldest’ ideas and be ‘really radical – honest’. Every re-launch I can remember was 90 per cent marketing, nine per cent desperation and one per cent content. It’s what you do when your tea’s oot and nobody can think what else to do. (Labour’s annual leadership… Read the full article:: Derek Bateman China Doll

A Trip Up North

Source:: Derek Bateman A Trip Up North   At the door to the allotment shed, old Uncle Jeremy dozed in the broken armchair with the springs sticking out. ‘Wake up’, said a voice. It was young Kezia, his niece, shaking the shoulder of his Mao jacket. ‘Eh? What’s up? What day is it? Has the revolution started?’ He ran fingers through his straggly beard. ‘Stalin didn’t shoot his own wife, you know. It’s a lie put out by the Kremlin plotters.’ Kez laughed. ‘Don’t be silly, uncle.… Read the full article:: Derek Bateman A Trip Up North


Source:: Derek Bateman Relax So GERs proves Scotland is a basket case – independence is over. No, wait. It proves the opposite – we need to escape the Union. Quick. Either is right and both are wrong – it all depends on your standpoint and the truth is that no facts are going to change any minds at this stage. Independence – and the Union – are essentially emotional constructs from the voters’ perspective and whatever line of argument you take, they will fit into… Read the full article:: Derek Bateman Relax

A Shaft of Light

Source:: Derek Bateman A Shaft of Light The lovely aspect of Andrew O’Hagan’s conversion to Yes was the way it cut across the grain of despair being heavily promoted by the champions of Scotland the Province. The self-styled Unionist lobby has feasted on the contrivance that they somehow ‘won’ an election they comprehensively lost. They have delighted in cramming Scotland back inside a box marked Useless. In their hubris they have claimed an ascendancy that in reality looks more like an electoral spasm. This year’s general election… Read the full article:: Derek Bateman A Shaft of Light


Source:: Derek Bateman UKOK? The most noteworthy thing about Unionists is how they never talk about the Union. Consume the output of media politics in Scotland from one week to the next and you’ll virtually nothing about the relationship between the constituent parts of the United Kingdom. The comments of players in the game appear, for sure, and events like Damien Green meeting Scottish ministers about divvying up post Brexit powers are treated as news but there is virtually no perspective on the working… Read the full article:: Derek Bateman UKOK?