Gordon Wilson

Source: Craig Murray Gordon Wilson I am saddened by the death of my old friend and mentor, and predecessor as Rector of Dundee University, Gordon Wilson. It is nigh on 40 years ago that he converted me to the cause of Scottish Independence (though not then to the SNP), much aided by Edith’s magnificent potted Arbroath smokie. To this day I have never enjoyed a food more. The last time I spoke with him he was criticising a passage from Sikunder Burnes as insufficiently precise in its expression. I think every conversation I ever had with him contained a […]

Politicians in uniform

Source: Wings Over Scotland Politicians in uniform …are never anything to worry about. We’re pretty sure that’s right. >>SUB: PLS CHECK THE LAST ONE, THINK WE’VE GOT DAVIDSON TWICE

Glastonbury Blues

Source: Bella Caledonia Glastonbury Blues So Corbyn spoke at Glastonbury reciting Shelley and it went down a storm and the right has gone into meltdown. Cultural incomprehension met petted-lip. Fraser Nelson and his writer Ross Clark claimed improbably  “Glastonbury wouldn’t survive a a Corbyn government.” There’s a paywall, but to save you the unlikely subscription the argument is “Blah blah, […]

The Blame Game / Confusion Theory and our own culpability

Source: NewsNet Scotland The Blame Game / Confusion Theory and our own culpability Commentary by Carolyn McCole Apparently it was a “General Election”. This is the third act twist which nobody saw coming. Some people thought it was a re-run of the Indy Ref. Some confused the poll with a ‘Corbyn for President’ election. Some considered it another EU referendum. Others thought it a poll on how solid our Brexit should be (Hard? Soft?  Medium density fibreboard?) Some even thought they were voting for a strong and stable leader – granted that was only Teresa and Phil, but still those […]

A clumsy liberal’s guide to saying the right thing | Kevin McKenna

Source: Kevin McKenna A clumsy liberal’s guide to saying the right thing | Kevin McKenna Navigating the minefield of everyday conversation without treading on toes is almost impossible. But the well-meaning man must try… A rare carouse in a louche Glasgow wine bar one night last week was enchanted briefly by a nervous proposition. The stranger had approached me gingerly from the side and asked if I was gay, straight or bi. He was young, beautiful, immaculately groomed and thin as a packet of condoms. “I’m straight, as a matter of fact,” I answered in what I felt was […]

The Brexit Trick

Source: Bella Caledonia The Brexit Trick This will not take long. I am able to give this guarantee because I am writing about the British Government’s “Plans”. This is a subject matter that is almost bereft of content: in all essential substantive particulars, Conservative Planning is a nullity. On Monday, 20th March, on a visit to Wales Theresa May informed an […]

Roll of Shame

Source: Craig Murray Roll of Shame These are the 15 countries which shamefully voted against a UN General Assembly Resolution on Thursday which proposed to seek an opinion from the International Court of Justice on Britain’s continued colonial possession of the Chagos Islands. In the most absolute example of ethnic cleansing in modern history, less than 50 years ago the UK deported by force the entire population of the Chagos Islands to make way for the US military base on Diego Garcia, and to this day refuses to allow them to return. The Dirty 15 USA UK Israel Australia […]

Views wanted on help for Moray pupils

Source: Northern Scot Views wanted on help for Moray pupils DROP-IN sessions will be held later this summer prior to the implementation of Moray Council’s strategy on additional support needs for schoolchildren.

Towering Symbol of a Burnt Out Britain

Source: Random Public Journal Towering Symbol of a Burnt Out Britain Tweet Follow @RPJblogBy Jason Michael Austerity resulted in Grenfell. This is the same austerity that is every day being imposed on Scotland by a Westminster government that cares as little for us as it did for the former residents of Grenfell. We have a decision to make. Apparently, according to the apologists for the great and the good of south Kensington and Chelsea, it is shameful to politicise the deaths of those who died in the Grenfell tower fire. It is all the more shameful, apparently, to “hijack” […]

Generation Rent and Voter Intention

Source: Bella Caledonia Generation Rent and Voter Intention Abi Wilkinson on the ABCs of Labour, and the demographics of political change in 2017. There’s a critique of Labour currently being pushed that goes something like this: the party has abandoned it’s core working class supporters. It gained the biggest swing from voters in NRS social grades ABC1 – commonly used by pollsters as […]

Podcast: 1,2,3,4… we got the Brexit anniversary blues

Source: NewsNet Scotland Podcast: 1,2,3,4… we got the Brexit anniversary blues http://newsnet.scot/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/170623_newsnet_iain_maurice_derek_320m_93mb.mp3 Woke up this morning… a year on from the day Nigel declared to be “Britain’s independence day!” (Cue cheers of lard faced gents in ill fitting suits)… and what a year it’s been. Chaos, rising prices, a falling pound and a Prime Minister described openly by her own party members as “a dead woman walking”. Derek Bateman The anarchists among us are delighted. The satire writers bordering on delirious. Their only worry is that they could actually make this all up, because it’s real, or as “real” […]

Review: The Well Happy Band, spreading the word…

Source: NewsNet Scotland Review: The Well Happy Band, spreading the word… Review by Cee Smith An expanding collective of talented musicians and a big box of percussion for the audience to get involved, The Well Happy band takes on a different sound and guise depending on the gig. But above all is their promotion of a well happy life. The band is one facet of the business Alaine Wells and Janine Duffy set up together. They promote holistic therapies including Janine’s Laughter Yoga, workshops, music tuition and play sessions for adults and children. They work with schools, businesses and […]

The fireball in the sky

Source: Wee Ginger Dug The fireball in the sky There’s a fireball in the sky, it’s getting closer and closer. The dinosaurs aren’t, for the most part, worried about it. It shines in the sky, it brightens up the day, why be concerned? That’s a good thing, isn’t it? Even if it does hit the Earth, it won’t be so bad. Things are never as bad as the doomsayers predict, says the stone chiselled press that sees the fireball as an opportunity to have two suns. There are rumours that the minor reptiles are paying pterosaurs to spread fake […]