Fewer people are dying in Scottish hospitals, should we celebrate?

Source: NewsNet Scotland Fewer people are dying in Scottish hospitals, should we celebrate? John Robertson claims success for NHS Scotland The BBC slipped in a wee bit of good news for NHS Scotland, to the lunchtime report last week, but it was too busy with bagpipes and the Celtic game to repeat it later at 6.30.  Jackie Bird brought us this great news: ‘Meanwhile fewer people are dying in Scotland’s hospitals. Between 2014 and this year, hospital mortality fell by 4.5% which is 3 000 fewer deaths than predicted.’ Oh come on BBC, surely that’s headline material and worthy of a smile? What […]

More power: Scotland needs control of electricity policy

Source: NewsNet Scotland More power: Scotland needs control of electricity policy Commentary by Fraser Wallace Scotland has made significant progress with regard to the development of renewable energy systems. However, it is clear that to maximise the benefits of this opportunity it may need to take a radically differing approach from the rest of the UK. Fraser Wallace Scotland is famous for its energy. The oil and gas industry has developed cutting edge technologies of worldwide significance and raised billions of pounds of revenue. More recently, alternative technologies have emerged as a principal font of excitement. Scotland’s wind turbines […]

A lack of selfie-awareness

Source: Wings Over Scotland A lack of selfie-awareness The Scottish Mail On Sunday felt obliged this weekend to devote newsprint in what’s technically an actual newspaper to a piece of snark that might just be a new all-time low in the highly competitive barrel-scraping field of “SNP BAD”: Half a page was given up to a bunch of sour complaints that the First Minister had built […]

A question of respect

Source: Wee Ginger Dug A question of respect Having won an EU referendum on the basis of preserving the absolute sovereignty of the Westminster Parliament, Brexiteers are now doing a happy dance at the news that MPs aren’t going to have a say on Brexit after all. Our entirely unelected Prime Minister has announced this week that she’s going to press the Brexit button without going to the bother of getting the consent of Parliament after all. According to legal advice, the referendum result is the only authority required. A Scotland which voted to remain a member of the […]

Moray Music Festival future in jeopardy

Source: Northern Scot Moray Music Festival future in jeopardy THE FUTURE of a music festival that attracts hundreds of children from schools across Moray is in serious doubt unless more volunteers and money are found.

Lying right to your face

Source: Wings Over Scotland Lying right to your face Dismayingly often, the thing that irritates us the most about the Unionist press lying to its readers isn’t the fact that they’re doing it, but the fact that they do it so insultingly badly. As an illustrative case in point, here’s the Sunday Times’ reliably dull-witted Scottish columnist Gillian Bowditch today: Now, let’s be generous […]

Where we go from here? Britain after Brexit

Source: Bella Caledonia Where we go from here? Britain after Brexit Brexit was a wake up call – but a wake up to what? A nightmare of Farage proportions that drags Britain further into an Atlantic of fear and chronic isolation? Or a wake up to mend our broken democracy and heal a profoundly torn society? If you agree we want a society where ‘taking control’ […]

Scotland enjoys the rebirth of its idyllic island life

Source: Kevin McKenna Scotland enjoys the rebirth of its idyllic island life For years they were places that people left, never to return. Now, thanks to the internet, small businesses are thriving and populations are rising In those far-flung outposts of Britain’s influence where diplomats circle the Chesterfields of an evening and gossip over brandy, an old story is never far away. It is the story of a meeting – never recorded – that took place between officials of Britain and Norway to discuss the matter of how one might go about depopulating one’s islands. It is whispered that […]

Why Celtic fans flew the flag for Palestine | Kevin McKenna

Source: Kevin McKenna Why Celtic fans flew the flag for Palestine | Kevin McKenna Solidarity with Palestinians shows the club’s supporters have not forgotten their own roots The life of a committed football supporter in the UK could never be mistaken for a bowl of cherries. Since that first day, long in the planning, when his mother or father decided finally to inaugurate him into the sacred mysteries he has been condemned to be viewed with suspicion, fear and loathing by the government, civic authorities and the men who actually run the game. Each of these estates has benefited […]

How to lose forever

Source: Wings Over Scotland How to lose forever This is the demented, McCarthyite state of madness the Labour Party has reached: This is a party now openly rejecting anyone as a member who has ever supported any other party. We’d take a minute to try to explain to them how the arithmetic of that one works out, but they’re a long, long way beyond […]