Polis Learnin

Source: Bella Caledonia Polis Learnin Hoo dae ye ken fan the chynges in yer Scoats dialect wes pairt o’ yer wark lang syne? Fan I jined the Bobbies in Aiberdeen, a workit in the toon, then furr a fyew year ah wis oot the road in the landward areas. It wisnae easy oan a chiel fa wis fae the Central […]

And now for something completely different

Source: Bella Caledonia And now for something completely different Last time round 45% of us voted YES for the SNP believing that those in charge shared our particular vision of independence. Some of the 55% had a hazy and uncertain vision and the remainder did not wish to look beyond their present horizons. These numbers will not change because of Brexit or another financial […]

Scottish Business Buzz (26.10.16)

Source: Business for Scotland Scottish Business Buzz (26.10.16) Scotland’s largest digital festival comes to Glasgow.  A collaboration between ideas agency Equator and Digital Meetups, techaus, is coming to Glasgow on Friday 11th November 9am-5pm. With the theme ‘Ideas for a Connected World’, the event will join local businesses with industry leaders and give digital agencies an exciting, creative space to share ideas. The event will […] The post Scottish Business Buzz (26.10.16) appeared first on Business for Scotland.

Why I Need Alexander Burnes, and You Do Too

Source: Craig Murray Why I Need Alexander Burnes, and You Do Too This blog has been going for over ten years now and has never asked for money or taken advertising. In that time I have continually campaigned on a whole variety of issues, though chiefly human rights, Scottish independence, against war, and on the need for a profoundly more equal society. I have travelled the length and breadth of the UK and around the world to speak at literally hundreds of public meetings, and have appeared in numerous videos and documentaries. My primary purpose has always been as […]

Independent Scotland Will Need a New Capital

Source: Craig Murray Independent Scotland Will Need a New Capital This is going to annoy a good many traditionalists, but here goes… Edinburgh is already the wealthiest and economically most successful city in Scotland. For the first time in 200 years it has overtaken Glasgow in population. Its housing is becoming prohibitively expensive for ordinary citizens. A two bedroom flat carved out of a converted house goes for £250,000 in a “normal” area. Three bed family homes are well over £350,000 in much of the city. In any state, the capital sucks in economic resources from the rest of […]

National languages for a whole nation

Source: Wee Ginger Dug National languages for a whole nation Since publicising on this blog that I’ve been doing Gaelic maps of Scotland, I’ve experienced a considerable amount of abuse on social media from people with a political motive for denigrating Scotland’s distinctive linguistic history and traditions. Strangely, these very same people accuse me of politicising the Gaelic and Scots languages by attempting to use them as national languages pertaining to the whole of Scotland. The most common objection is that “Gaelic was never spoken in XYZ”, where XYZ is a town or district in the Lowlands which is […]

On Personalities, Politics and Liking the Wrong People

Source: Craig Murray On Personalities, Politics and Liking the Wrong People In general, I don’t like or dislike people for their politics. This is sometimes worrying. I was, rather strangely, on a Christian radio show with Zac Goldsmith once, and we chatted afterwards, and he seemed a really pleasant and genuine person. I was surprised by the stuff he allowed in his name during the London mayoral election. Similarly I went out drinking with David Aaronovitch after a debate in Dublin and we got on famously. I seldom agree with him, and therefore attack him often on my blog, […]

A matter of competence

Source: Wings Over Scotland A matter of competence Back in May we wrote this: The prediction duly came true, as most of ours do. Sometimes we hate being right. Because today in Parliament this happened: The assertion of Lib Dem MSP Mike Rumbles that a second indyref bill legislated by Holyrood without first having been sanctioned by Westminster would be “universally recognised as being outwith the […]

Tennis boost for Elgin

Source: Northern Scot Tennis boost for Elgin MORAY councillors have agreed to a 10 year rent-free lease of the Cooper Park tennis courts to Elgin Lawn Tennis Club.

Meet The Yoons, Part 2

Source: Wings Over Scotland Meet The Yoons, Part 2 A member of an MSP’s staff posted an image on Twitter this morning of a flyer that had apparently just been posted through their office letter box: But after having a merry old chuckle at the layout, colour choice and language, we wondered what sort of person might produce such a thing. So, ably assisted as […]

The stupidest thing ever said

Source: Wings Over Scotland The stupidest thing ever said We realise that there’s some stiff competition for that accolade, even if you restrict it solely to things said by Kezia Dugdale, but this needs preserving for posterity. A couple of questions do spring immediately to mind: (1) how does every country on Earth that isn’t Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland do it, and (2) given […]

Social night for volunteers

Source: Northern Scot Social night for volunteers HEALTH and social care volunteers in Moray will have their efforts recognised at an event in Elgin on Sunday.

‘Tea and Two Sugars Dave’

Source: Derek Bateman ‘Tea and Two Sugars Dave’ I caught part of the STV programme last night assessing the success of the SNP and the two years since the referendum. It had relaxed and self-effacing contributions from Alex Salmond – who seemed to be seated in front of his rooftop pool in Aberdeen – Elaine C Smith and Tom Harris. On a box on the wall looking like a demented owl, was David Mundell in Westminster. The others gave perspective to recent history and analysed more or less fairly. Most of Mundell’s effort was straight from media training – […]

Mathematician Of The Week

Source: Wings Over Scotland Mathematician Of The Week The former Chancellor of the Exchequer in today’s Press & Journal: 55-45 is “far more decisive” than 62-38? We think we’re finally beginning to understand why the last Labour government left the British economy in such a mess.