Independence polling update

A couple of people asked what happened to my blogpost from last night. I realised when I woke up that it (unwittingly) contained misleading information, and I didn’t have enough time to edit it, so I just took it down. Alas, the Stack Data poll turned out to show the complete opposite of what I thought – I was led astray by the unconventional way it was presented in a tweet. It in fact showed a 52-48 lead for No, which is a 2% swing to No since the last poll from the same firm. Today’s new Panelbase poll also seems to show a 52-48 No advantage, which is unchanged from the previous Panelbase poll. 

Bear in mind that both the ComRes poll and the Opinium poll showed a 1% swing to Yes, so put all of the information from the last few days together and it looks essentially like a no change picture. 
* * * 
The most significant part of Alex Salmond’s widely-acclaimed speech at the Alba conference was the announcement that Robin McAlpine will be penning the ‘Wee Alba Book’. That’s a huge coup that will surely win the party some new-found credibility with at least parts of the radical left. The oft-heard charge from the SNP and Green trendies that Alba is “conservative” or “right-wing” looks ever more absurd. In fact it looks barking mad.
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