Alba NEC election outcome

I’m really honoured to say that I’ve been elected as one of the eight ordinary members of the Alba Party’s National Executive Committee.  The successful candidates are:

Female ballot: Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, Michelle Ferns, Denise Findlay, Suzanne Blackley

Male ballot: Roddy MacLeod, Josh Robertson, James Kelly, Hamish Vernal

Congratulations to all of the above, and commiserations to the many excellent candidates who weren’t elected on this occasion.  I’d like to also thank the Alba members who nominated me, and the conference delegates who voted for me at the weekend.  I really appreciate it.  
I’ll do my best to be one of the voices of the rank and file membership on the NEC.  On that subject, I noticed earlier today that two people had emailed me on Saturday with specific questions, but both messages ended up in my spam folder.  I’ll try to reply later tonight (although in one case the answer may not be very helpful, because I’m a bit hazy on the subject matter).
*  *  *
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