The task ahead

On Monday the First Minister addressed delegates on the last day of the SNP’s virtual conference and gave us all some much needed certainty about the timing of the second Scottish independence referendum, or at least as much certainty as is possible when the world is dealing with an inherently unpredictable…

Lawyers warn Westminster Bill undermines Scottish parliament protections for refugees

Leading Scottish lawyers have warned that proposed Westminster legislation challenges the powers of the Scottish parliament and risks undermining how Scotland protects children, refugees and the victims of human traffickers. After the lawyers said that the UK government’s controversial Nationality and Borders Bill further erodes devolution, charities urged MSPs to withhold legislative consent for the […] Source

In Caithnessia: From the Province of the Cat

The recent 100 mph gales and boiling seas, with days of face slashing sleet and snow, which hit the far north of Scotland, termed by the media as Storm Arwen, with its night time temperatures plummeting to well below zero, has reminded all of us who live here on Scotland’s Atlantic coast just how precarious […] Source

Acts of Disappearance – Part 1

I am not meant be alive. I am not meant to be here, living and breathing. I was not meant to survive. I am a lowly Indian girlchild who became a woman, that in itself is a kind of miracle. This is not hyperbole. In Punjab, where I was born, there is a chronic lack […] Source