Fascist Fantasies and the Celts

If you’ve been spending any time in the Gaelic or Gaelic-adjacent parts of Twitter over the last few days, you’ve probably been made unpleasantly aware of a filmmaker in the United States who has been trying to raise money to make a Celtic-themed television series. If you haven’t been spending time in the Gaelic or […] Source


Sandwood is one of a cluster of rather curiously mangled place-names in the far north-west of Scotland, along with nearby Oldshoremore and Oldshore Beg. Oldshore has come into Gaelic as Aisir, meaning ‘pass’, with the additional mòr and beag specifying ‘great’ and ‘small’, but from the array of early forms collected by Ainmean-Àite na h-Alba, […] Source

Downing Street goes full Fawlty

When it comes to countering the growing clamour for another independence referendum the Tory Government of the performance artiste whose stage name is Boris Johnson has gone full Basil Fawlty. Arguably the Johnson administration went full Fawlty quite some time ago what with its arrogance, nastiness, snobbish incompetence,pathetic over-estimation of its…

Brexit caused the petrol chaos … only an independent Scotland can escape

As petrol stations are running out of supplies all over the UK Westminster government ministers are desperate to blame anything other than Brexit. The most recent scapegoat is the Road Haulage Association [RHA], accused yesterday by Boris Johnson’s transport secretary Grant Shapps of encouraging panic buying at petrol stations by leaking details of a private […] Source

Keir Starmer’s Labour party: Neither useful nor admirable

I’m not a huge fan of Keir Starmer’s Labour party, whose opposition to the Conservatives is fatally compromised by his pandering to Brexit voters and his anti-democratic refusal to accept that it’s for the people of Scotland, not him, to decide whether Scotland ought to have another independence referendum. The Scottish…

Idea that even lost court case could help Yes movement is invaluable

THE headline and article in The National explaining that even a lost court case on the right of Scotland to hold a second referendum on independence would be helpful to the self-determination movement is invaluable (‘How losing indyref2 court battle could help Scotland win independence’, September 23). The argument was that to win the case the UK would have to aver that Scotland was not a nation. Surely that part of this ancient country which accepts with equanimity the parasitism of Westminster would baulk at that. Even the latter part of the piece which discusses the malign effect on devolution in Scotland that the […]