Ofcom’s nats and yoons

Language changes over time and words and expressions which were once considered grossly offensive lose their power to offend. The words bloody and bugger are nowadays scarcely considered swear words by most people, but in decades past they were considered deeply offensive and banned from most forms of public speech. Likewise…

Art, Hope & The Climate Emergency

I have to admit that I gave up on watching David Attenborough’s programmes, which I had loved, a few years ago. I couldn’t bear to look. The wet, honest eyes of so many sad animals had bored deep into my soul and left me desperate on the sofa, immobile with relatively helpless empathy and despair. […] Source

How the argument for Yes and UK intransigence are changing minds

  Disillusionment with the UK and the disastrous effects of Brexit are driving a series of high-profile expressions of support for Scotland’s independence. Here are just five voices who believe pro-Union parties are failing to make their case. 1:  Jon Worth, a journalist and visiting professor at the College of Europe Mr…

Poem of the week : Reflections

Reflections Have ye ony comprehension Ae whit lassies have tae face? Fechtin tooth an nail Tae gain respect in every space. It’s no aboot the stuff I say, Or whit A try tae write, It’s the way A look while daein it – Have ye ever heard such shite? A long fur days when A […] Source