Crackdown on summer holiday vandalism

Source: Northern Scot Crackdown on summer holiday vandalism PLANS are in place to try prevent an increase in vandalism and anti-social behaviour over the school summer holidays.

Demilitarising the Scottish Imagination

Source: Random Public Journal Demilitarising the Scottish Imagination Tweet Follow @RPJblogBy Jason Michael When people around the world think of Scotland they think of tartan, bagpipes, haggis, and soldiers. Sadly the soldiery has seeped deep into the tartan and the bagpipes. Is this what we want, and can we imagine something else? Robert Burns wrote of the Highlands that it was the “birthplace of valour,” and Walter Scott asked: “Where is the coward that would not dare to fight for such a land as Scotland?” Our national anthem praises the thistle that “fought and died for [its] wee bit […]

The Tiger who Came to Tea

Source: Bella Caledonia The Tiger who Came to Tea It’s clear that many of our cultural institutions are not fit for purpose and are still mired in slightly weird inappropriate dispositions, a historic legacy of a political failure of leadership and decades of cultural misinformation. We can see this in attitudes to language, visual art, in specific (and very different hostility to Scots and […]

Blogging Made Easier: Five Tricks You Should Know

Source: North British Post Blogging Made Easier: Five Tricks You Should Know Writing interesting blog posts, creating attractive pages, and interacting with your visitors — these are essential ways to help you build a body of work, a successful business, or a growing audience online. I’m part of a team focused on design and research at — I like to find ways to improve your experience, and to help you reach your website or blogging goals. In this post, I’ve compiled five of our favorite features that streamline your publishing experience and help you make an impact […]

StB – Scotland’s space industry

Source: Business for Scotland StB – Scotland’s space industry Scotland’s space industry continues to grow as successful companies from around the world choose to base themselves in Scotland. With the likes of the US space company setting up their European headquarter base in Glasgow, the space industry in Scotland has considerable potential. The Motherwell – based company, MB Aerospace also recently sighed a 10 […] The post StB – Scotland’s space industry appeared first on Business for Scotland.

Digital Slavery

Source: Bella Caledonia Digital Slavery Recently in the news we have learned that the data analytical company Deep Root Analytics has had its database leaked and put on a public server. Deep Root Analytics are a data analysis contractor that work for the Republican National Committee (RNC). They were responsible for holding the data of 198 million Americans. This leak […]

Stands Scotland Where She Did? (Part 1)

Source: Bella Caledonia Stands Scotland Where She Did? (Part 1) Gordon Guthrie on the cocaine politics of First Past the Post. Time to take stock and understand where now we, the SNP, stand. Bad news first. Both the roads to Indyref are blocked off. Whoever the UK PM is can, and will, refuse Section 30 consent. Any attempt to hold a unilateral advisory referendum does […]

The Bones of a Nation

Source: Bella Caledonia The Bones of a Nation The skeleton of Scotland— its bens, glens, and lochs — were shaped by the brutal cleaving of the earth by glaciers; the deformities and scars reflecting the ruthless devastation wrought by Earth’s fury. There was no malice in how the world was shaped, it just Was. The flesh atop those bones is an entirely artificial construct, formed […]

The unplucky 13

Source: Wings Over Scotland The unplucky 13 Pictured below are Ruth Davidson and her 13-strong* cohort of Scottish Tory MPs. When they were elected earlier this month, the group rushed to tell anyone who’d listen that they were ready and willing to “defy” the UK leadership and act (ironically) as an independent party, standing up bravely for the people of Scotland. They would […]

A renewed search for Yes amidst the debris of Brexit

Source: NewsNet Scotland A renewed search for Yes amidst the debris of Brexit Commentary by Christopher Silver On the morning of June 24 last year, when the UK decided to leave the European Union, there was little comfort to be had. Christopher Silver Ever since, people in every corner of Britain have had to live with a sense of being trapped in a country that is hurtling, at breakneck speed, away from the kind of future they envisioned. For some of us, that is still a largely abstract concern, for others, it’s a real and visceral threat to their […]

The Tories are Laughing at us Again

Source: Random Public Journal The Tories are Laughing at us Again Tweet Follow @RPJblogBy Jason Michael There are still bodies in the burnt out shell of Grenfell tower and the Conservatives are actually laughing that they managed to keep the cap on public sector workers’ pay. What is more frustrating is that we are taking it. Listening to the news this afternoon I hear it won’t be until the end of the year at the earliest before the number of those who died in the Grenfell tower fire will be more exactly known. Right now the police can confirm […]

Living the High Life and Post-War Dream in Dundee

Source: Gerry Hassan Living the High Life and Post-War Dream in Dundee Living the High Life and Post-War Dream in Dundee Gerry Hassan Scottish Review, June 28th 2017 In the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy tower blocks and social housing are everywhere in the news. Much of it has been ill-informed, instant commentary. People asserting that tower blocks aren’t suited to modern living or making sweeping statements about the failings of council and social housing, A large part of this seemed to be a displacement or discomfort of middle class opinion having to talk about a forgotten and […]