Scottish Independence and Zombies

Source: Random Public Journal Scottish Independence and Zombies Tweet Follow @RPJblogBy Jason Michael All our efforts in the Yes Scotland campaign are being replicated verbatim by the masters of Brexit. It is a twisted and disingenuous rip-off of an authentic political movement, one that is taking us fast to the apocalypse. Over the past five years and more the independence movement in Scotland has been subjected to an endless stream of British nationalistic vitriol on account of our narrow and divisive nationalism. We were labelled “extremists” the moment we started to wave our national flag, “Nazis” for joining political […]

The Metrosplainers

Source: Wings Over Scotland The Metrosplainers Martin Kettle in the Guardian today: That sounds like the sort of thing we like to fact-check. CONSERVATIVE VOTE SHARE IN SCOTLAND 1974 (October), Edward Heath: 24.7% 1979, Margaret Thatcher: 31.4% 1983, Margaret Thatcher: 28.4% 1987, Margaret Thatcher: 24% 1992, John Major: 25.6% 2015, Ruth Davidson: 14.9% 2016 (Scottish Parliament), Ruth Davidson: 22% In fact, […]

Podcast: Reflections on a week of gestures and symbols

Source: NewsNet Scotland Podcast: Reflections on a week of gestures and symbols It has been a strange week of gestures and symbols. Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon met in Glasgow, agreeing to disagree, before the Scottish Parliament went on to support a request to approve a second referendum on independent. Dear Santa… That vote, carried by 69 to 59 as the Scottish Greens supported the SNP, was immediately followed by Mrs May’ rejection. The next day she finally wrote her letter resigning the UK from the UE (Article 50), and Ms Sturgeon promptly wrote a letter to Mrs […]

The Spanish word for Schadenfreude

Source: Wee Ginger Dug The Spanish word for Schadenfreude Petard, by, hoist, own, your. Arrange these words into a well known phrase or saying. It’s been a bad day for the Unionist parties. Remember how all those Unionist parties and their supporters were screaming to the rafters that there would be a Spanish veto? Well it turns out that they were right. It’s just that it’s not an independent Scotland that will be subject to a Spanish veto, it’s the UK’s Brexit. That’s what comes of giving Spain ideas about vetos. The EU’s official reply to Theresa May’s Brexit […]

The Currency Question

Source: Bella Caledonia The Currency Question Why establishing a new currency is the right choice for an independent Scotland by John Alexander Smith. As the currency debate dominated the 2014 Indyref and it is neither feasible nor desirable to opt for a currency union based on pound sterling, I have outlined a few basic questions and answers on why an independent […]

Bella Magazine #2

Source: Bella Caledonia Bella Magazine #2 Get your copy of Bella Caledonia in tomorrow’s National newspaper. It’s free on the first weekend of the month from all good newsagents. Welcome to our second issue at the need of another tumultuous political month in which Great Britain has been replaced with Little England and we have been tipped out of Europe. ‘Global […]

Fo Sgàil A’ Swastika / Under the Shadow of the Swastika

Source: Bella Caledonia Fo Sgàil A’ Swastika / Under the Shadow of the Swastika ‘Donald John MacDonald’s account, published bilingually in Gaelic and English, of the grim privation of prisoner of war camps during the Second World War resounds with the spirit, humour and sense of comradeship of men who refused to be cowed by their captors.’ Read it here on ISSUU. Likes(0)Dislikes(0)

We Could Send Letters

Source: Bella Caledonia We Could Send Letters Whether the political stylists are channeling Kellyanne Conway (why would anyone do that?) or Margaret Thatcher (why would anyone do that?) – no-one really knows. The chintzy photos have caused speculation that the tumbler has a large G&T (much needed after having to share air-space with Ruth Davidson in ‘the Chamber’ this week), or that the ‘unsheathed pins’ […]


Source: Craig Murray Pollution I apologise for the suspension of blogging – I am still in Ghana. Despite work being a bit tough at the moment, it is as always a delightful place, though this last week it has been polluted by the presence of Tony Blair. Why he thinks that this vibrant democracy needs to be lectured on “leadership” by a war criminal, is beyond me. Blair should rather take a lesson from Ghana, which is celebrating its sixtieth year of existence and has never invaded another country. Doubtless, beneath his hypocritical witterings, he is as always sniffing […]

First World War exhibition at Fort George

Source: Northern Scot First World War exhibition at Fort George THE challenging conditions in the trenches and on the homefront are being recalled at Fort George. An exhibition – ‘1917: A Grim but Momentous Year’ opens this Friday and will run until the end of September.

What the people want

Source: Wings Over Scotland What the people want On today’s Good Morning Scotland, a Tory MSP (in this case seven-time voter reject Murdo Fraser) was allowed to repeatedly get away unchallenged – for about the 100th time on broadcast media in recent days – with telling the flat-out lie that opinion polls show a clear and large majority in opposition to the Scottish Government’s […]

Brexit plays out as bawdy farce. Well a farce anyway…

Source: NewsNet Scotland Brexit plays out as bawdy farce. Well a farce anyway… Hello Little Englanders. With a stroke of her (Montblanc) pen, that nice Mrs May has sent us back to the 1970s. Inspired, Derek Bateman wrote an appropriate script. Derek Bateman We are the boys who will stop your little game We are the boys who will make you think again So who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler If you think old England’s done? Drill Hall, Walmington-on-Sea. Capt Mainwaring: Stand easy, men. I have here a piece of paper which represents the freedom of […]

“Dear Theresa” – a Lesson in Power

Source: Random Public Journal “Dear Theresa” – a Lesson in Power Tweet Follow @RPJblogBy Jason Michael Titles are socially constructed as a consequence of hierarchies. Whether we are Mr or Mrs, Dr or President, or simply given our first name, titles are always deployed to give people their place – and put people in their place. “Dear Theresa” does just that. Political power is a dance every bit as intricate as the Gay Gordons. As a consequence of the modern televised marketing of political campaigns we have all become used to the physical posturing of ambitious politicos; the gorilla […]

HIE move 'a humiliating U-turn'

Source: Northern Scot HIE move ‘a humiliating U-turn’ AN MSP has described the Scottish Government’s decision not to scrap the board of Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) as “a humiliating U-turn”.