Unionism: A Community Rooted in Ancient Hatreds

Source: Random Public Journal Unionism: A Community Rooted in Ancient Hatreds Tweet Follow @RPJblogBy Jason Michael When we listen to the unionists for long enough we always eventually hear the hate that drives the idea of unionism. Whether it is good old sectarianism or racism, it is always there. Do we really want to remain trapped by the bitterness of the status quo? One of the things I have always found most endearing about Ireland is the absence of any sense of haste. Of course, after an economic boom in the Republic and the effect of EU membership on […]

Tory Election Expenses Fraud

Source: Craig Murray Tory Election Expenses Fraud I want to commend this amazing resource which a dedicated investigator has collated on Tory Election Expenses Fraud, covering no less than 57 MPs. A huge amount of data is available locally and this is the best central repository I have seen. It repays hours of browsing. As the evidence builds it becomes plain that massive cheating was a key element of the Tory victory. That there is no chance at all that Britain’s corrupt electoral, police and legal institutions will do anything about it is, sadly, equally certain. But hats off […]

'Important improvements' made at school

Source: Northern Scot ‘Important improvements’ made at school A MORAY secondary school has made “important improvements” since significant shortcomings were highlighted in an inspection report 15 months ago.

McKandie murder suspect appears in court

Source: Northern Scot McKandie murder suspect appears in court A 23-YEAR-OLD man has appeared in court charged with the murder of a pensioner almost a year ago. Brian McKandie (67) was found dead at his cottage at Badenscoth, near Rothienorman, on March 12. Steven

Let’s talk about racism in Scotland

Source: Wee Ginger Dug Let’s talk about racism in Scotland There is still no official referendum campaign, but the battle lines for Project Fear Mark II are being clearly drawn. Whereas Project Fear Mark I told Scotland that it shouldn’t become independent because it was too wee, too poor, and too stupid, Project Fear Mark II is telling Scotland it shouldn’t become independent because it is too wee, too poor, and too stupidly racist. One reason we’re racists, apparently, is because we’re not providing a safe space for British Unionists to call independence supporters racists. Yesterday in the Guardian […]

Bella goes National

Source: Bella Caledonia Bella goes National We’re delighted to today announce the launch of a new 24-page monthly magazine in partnership with the National newspaper focused on social, politics and cultural analysis coupled with regular reports from some of the country’s best writers, launching next weekend. The National editor Callum Baird said: “Scotland needs The National and Bella Caledonia to bring […]

Missing man traced

Source: Northern Scot Missing man traced POLICE Scotland have confirmed that missing person Richard Winney, 33, has been traced safely in the Elgin area. A force spokesman thanked members of the public for their assistance.

SNP Government invests more than £25 million in one flood defence scheme

Source: John Robertson SNP Government invests more than £25 million in one flood defence scheme © bbc.co.uk The £31.4 million Selkirk Flood Scheme was opened yesterday with the following summary posted by the Scottish Government: 750 residential homes and 120 businesses across 600 properties are now protected 3.1km flood embankments and 3.4km flood protection walls have been built St Mary’s Loch has been expanded to store 620 Olympic swimming pools of water. Scottish Government is providing 80% of the funding for the £31.4 million project Every year £42 million is allocated to flood prevention by the Scottish Government Remember […]

Only 18% of 16-44 year-old Scots trust BBC News not to be biased on Independence

Source: John Robertson Only 18% of 16-44 year-old Scots trust BBC News not to be biased on Independence This stunningly, embarrassingly, low figure is from a 2017 BMG Research poll, reported on in the Herald on the 11th February, into the extent to which Scots trust BBC News Reporting not to be biased on Independence. I only accessed the full BMG report yesterday but it’s worth looking at it from a different perspective to the Herald. It’s a massive rejection of a public (funded) service broadcaster (PSB) perhaps unparalleled in the Western democracies. An international review of 23 academic […]

FTSE 100 value soars on news of second independence referendum

Source: Business for Scotland FTSE 100 value soars on news of second independence referendum Following the news on Friday that Theresa May is preparing for The Scottish Government to demand a second independence referendum after Article 50 is triggered in March, the FTSE 100 index rose 28 points or 0.4%. This boost to the FTSE index was helped by a weaker pound as FTSE 100 members gain around three-quarters of their earnings from overseas […] The post FTSE 100 value soars on news of second independence referendum appeared first on Business for Scotland.

Brexit Will Lower Wages

Source: Craig Murray Brexit Will Lower Wages It has surprised the naïve that in the last two weeks Tory ministers have been lining up to assure employers that there will be no reduction in the flow of immigrant workers into the UK after Brexit. There are two things that infuriate me about the “left wing” argument that EU immigration lowers wages in the UK through importing labour. Firstly it is not left wing at all, it is narrowly nationalist and founded on the protectionist premise that the condition of the worker in say Poland – who would benefit both […]

Time to go

Source: Wings Over Scotland Time to go The Wings Over Scotland Fundraiser 2017: Please give generously, or we’re all screwed.

Major Jitters over Scottish Independence

Source: Random Public Journal Major Jitters over Scottish Independence Tweet Follow @RPJblogBy Jason Michael At long last Tory insiders are getting the message. Pushing Brexit on Scotland only strengthen the resolve of the Scottish people to end their union with London. This entire process has shown us just how much Scotland is ignored by Westminster. Perhaps John Major is the Boris Yeltsin of British politics; a bit of a buffoon, but a man who doesn’t get half the credit he is due for the part he played in ending the tyranny that preceded him. He certainly made a great […]

The real alternatives

Source: Wee Ginger Dug The real alternatives There are resounding successes, and then there are Labour party in Scotland annual conferences. What was supposed to be Kezia Dugdale’s big break and her chance to re-re-relaunch Labour’s ill-fated federalism fairytale was instead dominated by all the wrath at Khan for his ill-advised speech. That was the speech in which London mayor Sadiq Khan said that Scottish nationalism wasn’t racist, it was just exactly the same thing as racism. He then tried to clarify his remarks by saying that he just meant that Scottish nationalism was divisive in the same way […]

Two more properties broken into this weekend

Source: Northern Scot Two more properties broken into this weekend POLICE are appealing again to people to ensure their homes and businesses are locked and secure following two further break-ins. Two commercial properties were targeted around Forres and Findhorn at the