Mr. Trump has Crossed the Rubicon

Source: Random Public Journal Mr. Trump has Crossed the Rubicon Tweet Follow @RPJblogBy Jason Michael America is in crisis, and of this there can be no mistake. Donald Trump has taken the United States over the line in the sand from democracy to fascism. In doing this he has emboldened far-right movements around the world and made us all less safe. We do not simply awake one morning to discover that fascism has begun. There is no defining moment or event that signals that the transition from democracy to fascism has been completed. Rather it arises and develops as […]

EU queue is Unionist woo, guff, barf, drivel and crud

Source: Wee Ginger Dug EU queue is Unionist woo, guff, barf, drivel and crud I thought I’d expand a bit on the idiocies that Unionists are excitedly telling themselves in an effort to persuade one another that Scottish independence is a non-starter. It’s bad enough when they tell one another nonsense of course, but Unionist nonsense has a habit of appearing in the pages of a newspaper and on the screen of a national broadcaster as unvarnished truth. Because when it comes to exercising the critical faculties certain media outlets are more like couch potatoes than marathon runners where […]

The funeral pyre

Source: Wings Over Scotland The funeral pyre Readers familiar with our standing advice to newspaper customers that the headline is nearly always a lie might like to consider today’s Press & Journal. The word “pyre” comes from the Greek word “pyra”, meaning “fire”. Surprisingly, it’s NOT the same root as “Pyrrhic”, as in “Pyrrhic victory”, meaning one that’s achieved by metaphorically burning your […]

Más cambia, más se vuelve la misma cosa

Source: Wee Ginger Dug Más cambia, más se vuelve la misma cosa We had one of those blows for Nicola Sturgeon again, in case you hadn’t noticed. Nicola receives more blows than a tin hut in a hurricane, but unlike the tin hut, she’s still standing. Esteban González Pons has figured in the pages of this blog before. He’s the spokesperson of the right wing Spanish party Partido Popular in the European Parliament, and in 2012 at the British Conservative party conference in Birmingham he met with Ruth Davidson and other Scots Tories to discuss creating a European wide […]

Not you, Scotland

Source: Wings Over Scotland Not you, Scotland The Tories yesterday: And Labour today: And the Lib Dems last week: But Scotland? Scotland is another country. They do things differently there.

Deep Impact

Source: Derek Bateman Deep Impact An old contact of mine spent years in local and central government. His mantra was that any single policy you introduced, no matter how clever in itself, always had an unforeseen consequence. Every action has a counter reaction somewhere down the line. In politics, the rise of the SNP has denuded Labour of support and the unexpected beneficiaries are the Tories. In Glasgow a council move to remunerate lolly pop men for ‘dirty work’ like picking up litter has led to a strike by janitors who don’t get any extra for the same duties. […]

Self-Determination and Power

Source: Bella Caledonia Self-Determination and Power Reflecting on the waves of resistance and insurgency in Scotland over the past few decades, here’s a powerful reminder of the need for solidarity and independent thinking. Here’s film from the Self-Determination and Power event from the Pearce Institute in Govan, Glasgow in January 1990 featuring Noam Chomsky. The Self-Determination and Power event was organised […]

Scottish Dugs have cool music taste. Scottish honey kills superbugs. Scotland makes a real Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver: It’s all true! Good news with economic growth potential for a change

Source: John Robertson Scottish Dugs have cool music taste. Scottish honey kills superbugs. Scotland makes a real Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver: It’s all true! Good news with economic growth potential for a change Nah pop no style, a strictly roots Nah pop no style, a strictly roots (c) 31st January 2017 I needed a break from hunting down the Scottish mainstream media so I thought I’d try something different and report on three good news stories about Scotland to boost our self-esteem. Anyway, there wasn’t much to get really angry about on Reporting Scotland last night. BBC Scotland reported […]

Letter of Complaint to Mr Gary Smith Head of News and Current Affairs BBC Scotland

Source: John Robertson Letter of Complaint to Mr Gary Smith Head of News and Current Affairs BBC Scotland Mr Gary Smith Head of News and Current Affairs BBC Scotland Pacific Quay Glasgow G51 1DA 31st January 2017  Dear, Mr Smith I write directly to you as the BBC Complaints system is not fit for purpose. I hope you will be able to answer my complaint below: ‘NHS Grampian says it cannot confirm when new dates will be given to patients for cancelled (sic) operations. The Health Board has postponed more than 100 procedures since the beginning of November 2016.’ (Reporting […]

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Man behind Donald Trump

Source: Random Public Journal Hidden in Plain Sight: The Man behind Donald Trump Tweet Follow @RPJblogBy Jason Michael Behind every great man there is an even greater woman, or so the proverb goes. In real politics however that greater woman is seldom a woman, but an adviser who keeps to the shadows – power never likes to be obvious. Power is just friendly advice. As harsh and unkind as it is to say, at some point we have to be honest and admit that Donald Trump isn’t the sharpest knife in the box. We all know it. Sure even his […]

Degrees of Death

Source: Derek Bateman Degrees of Death As regular readers I know, I got a few O levels and didn’t make it to university – it was much tougher in those days. So I don’t have a degree, not even an honorary one like that Jackie Bird. But I do know lots of academics and have come to value not just their intellectual contribution but the economic of impact of learning. It is ably described here in this worrying analysis on the implications of Brexit under this mad government by Colin Talbot, Professor of Government at Manchester Uni. It doesn’t […]

The specious relationship

Source: Wee Ginger Dug The specious relationship It’s been less than two weeks since Donald Trump was inaugurated as US President, and already the world has got into a familiar ritual. You switch on your laptop or mobile phone, see the news, and splutter your tea or coffee all over the screen at his latest moral outrage and how it’s all perfectly fine with hand holding Theresa May. Apparently the special relationship means maintaining an undignified silence when the orange skinned one is acting like a two year old who is throwing his spaghetti hoops on the floor and […]

Dear Rupert

Source: Derek Bateman Dear Rupert (This is how stupid they think we are. Amid the slurry of effluent arriving via email and Twitter after my recent rant was this oh-so-clever wind-up. So clever that the author enjoyed his joke too much and blew it. He (and I have his email address)  forgets I have form in this genre myself having made my very first blog an elaborate hoax about spying inside the BBC for Alex Salmond. My satire on being hired by the Daily Mail as a columnist made the Media Page in the Guardian. So, eat dirt, Rupert. […]

BBC Daily Distortion

Source: Craig Murray BBC Daily Distortion The BBC has appointed arch Tory Sarah Sands as editor of the flagship Radio 4 Today programme. She is best known to the public for a leaked policy memo she wrote while at the Telegraph, including memorably advocating “Play on people’s fears… stop just short of distortion”. The extraordinary thing is that if Sands does “stop just short of distortion” she will actually be improving the performance of BBC News. The BBC Trust has upheld a decision against Laura Kuenssberg for a most disgraceful piece of lying, a breach of every journalistic ethic. […]