Latha Fèill Anndais 2016

Source: Random Public Journal Latha Fèill Anndais 2016 Follow @RPJblogBy Jason Michael Scotland is caught up in a powerful storm, and it is in the midst of this particular social and political tempest that we have come to a renewed appreciation of our national day – Saint Andrew’s Day. It wasn’t until 2007 with the St. Andrew’s Day Act (Scotland) that 30 November was made a holiday again, and in many respects this Act was the first real clap of the ongoing tempest of change. Later that same year the Scottish National Party under the leadership of Alex Salmond […]

Pensioner phone scam warning

Source: Northern Scot Pensioner phone scam warning A LHANBRYDE pensioner has urged others to be on their guard after a phone scammer claimed she owed £1200 in unpaid taxes.

The passing of sentence

Source: Wings Over Scotland The passing of sentence The Prime Minister of the UK, whose party has one MP in Scotland, officially tells the Commons that she doesn’t believe people on benefits should be able to survive. Happy St Andrews’ Day, readers.

Scottish Business Buzz (30.11.16)

Source: Business for Scotland Scottish Business Buzz (30.11.16) Sturgeon’s visit to Ireland: Brexit will lead to Scottish independence.  Speaking at Trinity College Dublin the First Minister said: “I have always believed Scotland will become an independent country and I think it will become an independent country well within my lifetime – and this may be the moment for that,”. The FM addressed the audience […] The post Scottish Business Buzz (30.11.16) appeared first on Business for Scotland.

Sturgeon at the Seanad

Source: Bella Caledonia Sturgeon at the Seanad The Seanad’s enthusiastic reaction to Sturgeon’s speech reflects a shift in Irish attitudes towards Scottish constitutional politics since the European referendum argues Jamie Maxwell. Nicola Sturgeon’s speech to the Seanad yesterday was the first any foreign leader has given to the upper chamber of the Irish parliament. The Seanad is tucked away in a far […]

The patron saint of North Britain

Source: Wings Over Scotland The patron saint of North Britain St Andrew is of course the patron saint of ALL of Scotland. He doesn’t belong to the SNP, or to nationalists, but to everyone in the country. So it hardly even seems worth pointing this out, really. Obviously there’s famously no political dispute over the monarchy. Nobody in Scotland minded this in the slightest either. […]

Lessons from Anacostia

Source: Bella Caledonia Lessons from Anacostia Linda Tirado looks at a broken America. “I don’t call for unity. There can be no unity with people who oppose your existence.” Follow her   @killermartinis and here. I wasn’t planning to vote at first. Not in the presidential race. I think of the federal races as rich-person Kabuki for the most part. We rarely […]

Going Back to the Shankill Road

Source: Random Public Journal Going Back to the Shankill Road Follow @RPJblogBy Jason Michael The colours are changing in Loyalist West Belfast, and this is more than the changing of the seasons. Less flags are flying on the Shankill Road and we have to wonder why this is. Are we beginning to see real changes in the North after Brexit? Here and there some flags are flying along the Shankill Road in West Belfast. Mostly they are union flags, but every now and again there are loyalist and orange banners. All of them are on flagpoles standing beside memorials […]

British Mortification

Source: Wee Ginger Dug British Mortification At long last we finally know what the hitherto meaningless phrase Brexit means Brexit means. Thanks to some Tory aide who wandered out into Downing Street clutching some briefing notes which were accidentally, or possibly accidentally on purpose, on show, the world has discovered that what we all thought all along is actually true. Brexit means Brexit means that the British government wants to have its cake and eat it, and that the refusal of Theresa May to reveal her strategy is indeed because she doesn’t want to weaken her position during negotiations. […]

An Auld Sang

Source: Derek Bateman An Auld Sang One of the satisfying aspects of running a blog is the quality of response it can elicit. It doesn’t matter if the replies agree or not with the original but that they are insightful and written to inform (I get plenty of the other kind). I have broken out this contribution to Alasdair Stephen’s blog because it lends perspective and analysis to the topic as well as a different outlook and optimism. My thanks to Steven Asaneilean in Skye. He writes: Housing is a long-standing issue in Skye and elsewhere – as it […]

Beacons at Bealtaine: by Seamus Heaney for a New Europe

Source: Bella Caledonia Beacons at Bealtaine: by Seamus Heaney for a New Europe This is the full text of the Seamus Heaney poem quoted by Nicola Sturgeon at her address to the Seanad Éireann, Uisce: Water. And fionn: the Water’s Clear. But dip and find this Gaelic water Greek: A phoenix flames upon fionn uisce here. Strangers were barbaroi to the Greek ear. Now let the heirs of […]

Scotland’s Pompidou Problem

Source: Bella Caledonia Scotland’s Pompidou Problem As Douglas Robertson’s recent article on fifty years of failed ‘renewal’ outlined, we’re frequently in thrall to under-ambition, short-termism and low aspiration. Things don’t get fixed, problems persist, and a lack of structural thinking and radical responses continue ad infinitum. In 1969, Georges Pompidou decided that a vacant site in Paris should be used for the construction of […]

Men without honour

Source: Wings Over Scotland Men without honour I wasn’t going to mention this on the site because it’s basically a personal matter, but as most readers don’t use Twitter or Facebook it probably ought to be briefly filed for the record, given the amount of media coverage there’s been. It won’t take long. Earlier this year I entered into wagers with a couple […]

The unco Leid: stravaigin in a tongue that wisnae ma mither’s

Source: Bella Caledonia The unco Leid: stravaigin in a tongue that wisnae ma mither’s Whan Ah first cam tae Scotland, three years syne, Ah didnae ken ony Scots. Ah haed aye read a wee bit o Burns, an Ah kent thare wis an unco Caledonian tongue at wisnae Inglis nor Gaelic, but yon wis hyne-awa, fair remote an unpossible tae win at fir an ootlander o ma ilk. Fur […]